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4. marraskuu 2022

I'm using this App for quite a long time, and I must admit that this App is not only wonderful for the great use you can get ,but for the easy way at the moment of setting it and running it. Client will be for sure, more than happy of getting this tool, easy to handle for client and less work at support dept. for merchants. I am now using almost all apps from Hulk team!

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HulkApps.com vastasi 4. marraskuu 2022


Thank you so much for recognizing our app as a useful addition to your Shopify store. We are truly grateful for your feedback!
Thank you for choosing HulkApps as a provider of the valuable extensions to your Shopify store. We see you and we truly appreciate you!
Kindest regards from the team :)

8. marraskuu 2022

Support is quite good, just a bit confused about shipping carriers, hopefully the tracking numbers will work when customers order the product!

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HulkApps.com vastasi 8. marraskuu 2022

Hi there,

Thank you for noticing our amazing support team members, as they truly try to meet our merchants's expectations each time.

The tracking numbers will work for sure once your merchant makes a purchase. Your merchant will be able to track their product until it reaches their very address.

Cheers! :)

16. helmikuu 2023

Loving this App! The support is fast and excellent. The tracking page is modern and effective and sits seamlessly within my website providing reassurance for my customers.

Linen and Letters
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21 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
HulkApps.com vastasi 17. helmikuu 2023

We are thrilled to hear that you are loving our app and we appreciate your five-star review! Providing fast and excellent support to our users is one of our top priorities, so we're glad to know that we're meeting your expectations.

8. marraskuu 2022

The support team is highly responsive. They work quickly and they helped me to understand the app better

Sugar Boutique
15 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
HulkApps.com vastasi 8. marraskuu 2022

We're glad your experience with our team went smoothly! If you need us again, you know where to find us.

7. syyskuu 2023

The app is amazing! And Vedran's support is even better! Thank you for everything! :))

Peixe de Botas®
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1. lokakuu 2023

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Muokattu 21. joulukuu 2022

We were having issues with this app for some time but Shruti and his team were excellent in finding and fixing the issues. It took some technical work on their end but I didn't have to lift a finger and the app is working great. Excellent team and excellent app. Highly recommended for any Shopify store.

Meltzer Sports
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HulkApps.com vastasi 2. syyskuu 2022

Hi there!
We are sorry for the trouble you had with our app.
Our manager has contacted you in hopes of amending the issue.
Thank you.

12. syyskuu 2022

Awesome! I contacted their support team and they helped me in a very good way! They explained everything to me! :)

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HulkApps.com vastasi 12. syyskuu 2022

Hi there! Thanks for leaving us such a wonderful review. We are thrilled that you loved your experience.

13. helmikuu 2022

I needed a change made to the app and am very pleased with the support that I have received. The app works properly and support is great. Highly recommended. Thank you!

Prop Money Inc.
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HulkApps.com vastasi 31. toukokuu 2022

Thanks for the kind words. We are happy you are enjoying our app and we're looking forward to supporting you on this eCommerce journey.

9. heinäkuu 2022

The customer service was able to help me with launching the app. I can't wait to provide my customers with its feature. Thanks a bunch!

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HulkApps.com vastasi 9. heinäkuu 2022

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your feedback. It is highly appreciated since our brand is built upon our customers' feedback. It is also necessary for us to keep improving on a daily basis.
If you ever need our assistance, please feel free to contact HulkApps at any time.