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Bewerkt 7 maart 2023

The OrderLogic team was really nice, but ultimately, this app didn't really work. Customers would get a pop-up sort-of stopping them in their carts, but would proceed to checkout pas OrderLogic's limits. When OrderLogic escalated it to their engineering team, they basically said "it's probably interacting with one of your other apps and not working, but we can't see what the issue is". Ultimately, a very kind shrug emoji. It may work for most, but it didn't work for our store.

Magic Mind
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Oiizes heeft geantwoord 17 maart 2023

Hi, I am sorry to see that your issue was not more resolutely solved. If you wish to give us another try, I will handle your case personally and do my best to determine which app is causing the problem. Sometimes, it can be leftover code from uninstalled apps, and at other times, it can be difficult to determine the root cause. Nevertheless, I typically have success in figuring it out. If you are willing to give us another try, I will credit back your charges for the next three months and try my best to solve this issue. Please open a new ticket and ask for me by name.

- Shane

24 januari 2019

I used this application to implement a range of items allowed in a cart for processing. Simply say min and max number of items allowed per order.

For 3 month this app failed me 2 times. I had to cancel orders and have to apologize to my customers.

If you can live with this - it is your choice. I will get a different app.

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24 september 2021

I was very happy that it worked so fast. But sadly it doesn´t work on mobile phones. That is very bad because most of the people use their phones to buy things... i would give 5 stars but this is a very negative point for me ...

Glowkitchen Food Shop
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Oiizes heeft geantwoord 27 september 2021

Hi. Sorry to hear it's not working for you in mobile. It should be. We'd be happy to investigate. I tried taking a look but your shop is not live yet and it's password protected. Please open a ticket with us by clicking on the help icon in the app, or visit for other ways to reach us. In most cases we can figure out the cause.

15 juni 2020

This app solves our problem. But at times we get orders below our minimum limit and it is frustrating.
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Oiizes heeft geantwoord 23 juni 2020

We're sorry to hear an order got through. I understood from the ticket you opened with us that it was a one time occurrence. I certainly wish you would have given us a chance to investigate.

By design we have built in fault tolerance such that if anything ever goes wrong and something fails to load on your site due to any kind of outage, we would rather allow faulty orders through than have something on your site that blocks all orders. Such occurrences are very rare but may have happened in this case.

Otherwise we can turn on some additional debugging information that can be added to your orders to help determine a cause of any slip ups.

30 juni 2020

This didn't work for us, unfortunately. We used a tag based limit. I increased the quantity in the cart, got an error, hit update cart and it took me back to the cart without modifying anything. I was able to checkout with 4 over my limit. We are going with another app. It does have a very nice interface.

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