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11. syyskuu 2012

I am continually amazed by the personal, instant customer service and continual improvements with this app. If only the rest of the world took customer service this personally! My favorite app by far.

Subversive Cross Stitch
9. syyskuu 2012

Excellent App, does what it says, simple to use and edit to suit our needs. It is saving us around 2hrs per day already, with new features promised.

I have basic IT knowledge, but still haven't needed any support from developers yet.

Keep it up guys.

Shamballa Jewels UK
23. syyskuu 2012

The new batch processing features are awesome !! Now this app is an even bigger time saver. This is a must-have, unless you just really looove to spend lots of time clicking through each individual order in your shop to fulfill , print etc. etc. :-)

And the responsiveness from the developer is second to none, so rest assured that even your slightest issue or question will be resolved in no time at all

18. syyskuu 2012

A great App has just got better - we can now fulfil orders in a trice - this will save us a minimum of 2 hours a day during the build up to Christmas - thank you so much Bjorn for your continued support which is better than any I have ever experienced before. Brilliant!

15. elokuu 2012

A great app, that makes it very easy prepare a batch of orders for shipment. Highly recommended

The Boot Strap DK
1. marraskuu 2012

Orderly Print is a life saver - we didn't realise just how much until we started getting really busy.
Also today i had a query which was resolved by orderly print - great service .
Orderly Print saves us lots of time so we can concentrate on beautiful gift wrapping!

Stila UK
26. marraskuu 2012

A fantastic app and nice to have someone thinking about the back-end work load ! I reviewed a number of others and found this to be the most professional, relevant and well designed with ability to customise. Bjorn's service is spectacular and directions are very clear. Am impressed.

Constantly Stickers | The Lifestyle Sticker Company™
14. tammikuu 2013

This is an excellent app. Pixel Print is fine but when you get more than 5 orders per day, Orderly Print is a time saver. Bjorn has offered quick customization advice and we're sticking with this app.

pet n'GO
4. tammikuu 2013

Although I wish all these features came as part of Shopify, I'm glad at least that this developer has taken it upon himself to plugin the gap. In my experience, this is a great app that gives me the right amount of flexibility and functionality. My only small gripe is that the price is a bit steep (I have the $8.99 plan) for a monthly subscription.

19. syyskuu 2012

I'm absolutely amazed by their totally awesome and super quick customer service by Bjorn! Thumbs up! Plus, this app makes printing labels, packing list, and invoices such a breeze with just a few clicks and now they even added in fulfillment too. A must get!!