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9. lokakuu 2012

I love this app. It makes the entire fulfilment process so much simpler. Plus, the Orderly Print team are superb at customer service. Always quick and responsive, they've helped me with label sizing and other tweaks in less than a day. Brilliant all around.

15. marraskuu 2012

This is the second time I've installed this app, so easy to use, updated regularly. Bjorn is mega-helpful and offers quick support. Get it installed now!

Mac in a Sac
26. tammikuu 2013

Excellent app - dead easy to customise and excellent support. The bulk fulfillment feature is pretty much a must have for anyone who has more than abut 5 sales a day!

14. marraskuu 2012

Found the bulk picking tool a big time saver and have been told that editing the label format for printing on a thermal printer will be added in the next few months which will make this app a monster! If the above option is added I don't see anyway that a busy shopify store could be without this.

19. tammikuu 2013

This app is invaluable and a great time-saver. I not only use it for the customisable packing slips and the label printing, but I find the picking list particularly useful when I need to quickly check if I have enough inventory.
And customer service is absolutely topnotch. Forsberg+two has gone beyond the call of duty whenever needed.
Highly recommended!

Raging Heroes
10. helmikuu 2013

An Amazing App, the amount of time that has been saved due to installing this app. and the developers constant improvement has made our life so much easier and simpler. Time Saved = Money Saved the app pays for itself within one day each month.

Brownie Heaven
28. tammikuu 2013

Awesome app! We asked about the possibility of adding a feature, and Bjorn responded right away, then let us know once the feature we inquired about had been implemented... that's great service, huge thanks to these folks!

Luckyhorse Industries
11. helmikuu 2013

This is a brilliant app! We couldn't survive without it.
The support team are very responsive and always open to suggestions for improvements. We love it!

Esther Boutique
13. maaliskuu 2013

This is an AWESOME app that we installed from an early point in our migration to Shopify from osCommerce.
It has made that transition much less painful and we are now FAR more efficient than we ever were.
Whether we need to process 250 orders on a Monday after a weekend sale, or 10 on a slow day, the functionality of OP is excellent.
Shopify can be a bit clunky with endless clicking through orders, but OP solves all this easily.
Coupled to AMAZING support from Bjorn, this is a killer app to free up your time.
Constant development and support means we have customized invoice layout to match our branded invoice labels and most recently the addition of EXPORT ORDERS FOR ROYAL MAIL Despatch Manager Online.
If you are in the UK and are use RM as your carrier, I highly recommend this solution. RM are the cheapest carrier if you negotiate, and although the RM DMO solution isn't pretty, with Orderly Print's export orders to CSV tool the whole process is near painless. Thanks Bjorn for making our lives a brighter place!!! Team Dahlia.

7. maaliskuu 2013

These guys are great, really helpful and onto it! Thanks!

Organic Origins