Ordersify: Automation Tags

Ordersify: Automation Tags

door Ordersify

A smart way to tag orders, customers & products automatically

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Flexible criteria

Tag orders, customers & products by flexible conditions with operators: AND & OR

Tag automation

Tag all resources automatically when creating a new order, customer and product

Over Ordersify: Automation Tags

Why choose Ordersify Automation Tags?

Tagging your orders plays an important role to build automation workflows for the processing and fulfillment of orders, search or filter your orders easier. Now, by choosing Ordersify Automation Tags, you do not need to waste time tagging each order manually, we help you create your order tags, customer tags, product tags based on a set of criteria automatically instead tagging them each order.

Create flexible criteria

Ordersify Automation Tags automatically tags your resources based on a variety of conditions. The app creates a tag when your resources match to that rule with a given rule tag. It also supports to combine more rule at once with operators: AND and OR.

If you need a rule or workflow that you don't see in the list above, then please contact us to add it for you

Tag orders

Below are some sample rules that you can create from Ordersify Automation Tags, you can create more inside the app.

  • Tag orders based on the collection of products
  • Tag orders based on order attributes
  • Tag orders based on the shipping method
  • Tag orders based on line items
  • Tag orders based on the discount codes
  • Tag orders based on any order properties
  • Tag orders based on the total price
  • Tag orders based on the shipping address
  • Tag orders based on the customers
  • Tag orders based on the fraud level
  • Tag orders based on the existing tags

Tag customers

  • Tag customers based on the financial status of orders
  • Tag customers based on the collection of products that customers buy
  • Tag customers based on the shipping method that customers used
  • Tag customers based on the discount code that customers used
  • Tag customers based on any customer properties
  • Tag customers based on the email address
  • Tag customers based on the address
  • Tag customers based on the total spend
  • Tag customers based on the existing tags

Tag products

  • Tag orders based on the collection
  • Tag products based on any product properties
  • Tag product with the product type
  • Tag product with the product vendor name
  • Tag product with its variant options
  • Tag product based on the price
  • Tag product based on the weight
  • Tag products based on the existing tags

Run automatically

Your orders, customers, products will be tagged automatically and immediately after being created or updated from Shopify. You can activate this feature in the Automation Tag menu inside the app.

Run manually

Besides running automatically, the app also helps you to tag your resources manually when you need to tag the previous ones or anywhen you need to tag them.

Support effectively

If you need help with setting up your rules, please check the FAQ or contact us 24/7 via live chat in the app or via the support email.

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Free plan


  • Create 1 rule
  • Run manual tag
  • Tag orders
  • Tag products
  • Tag customers

Professional plan


  • Create unlimited rules
  • Run manual tag
  • Run automated tag for new orders
  • Tag orders
  • Tag products
  • Tag customers

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3.9 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

Niagara Blue

This app used to be good but their support has gone down the drain. I raised an urgent issue 4 days ago as their automation stopped working. Not only it takes them ages to do anything but they even send emails saying "your issue got resolved, we are closing the ticket" without fixing anything. Very irritating. Happened already twice. I reached out 6 times meanwhile to escalate the issue, but no reaction whatsoever. Don't rely on this working for your processes and look for something else.

Cloud City Drones

Writing 3-stars because the app itself is fantastic. Where I am disappointed is the support. I have reached out with two different questions and after almost 2 weeks, still have not gotten a response.


It's a simple app that lacks some useful and basic features that could make life easier:
- when you add multiple conditions/criteria for the same tag, the "next" criteria in line does not start with pre-selected info as the previous used one. You have to click on everything set everything every time. Most situations, when you add more than one criteria, the next criteria in line is the same time as the previous one with a different "value".
- the app is ok if you only use 2 criterias/conditions (Tag = X and/or Title=Y). If you use more than 2 logical constructions, it's very unclear if you can combine and's with or's in different logical constructions or not. I've also encounter errors when setting up more than 2 criterias.
For example: if you try to add a set tag (for example "144 Hz") to products with Type = x AND description = 144 Hz OR description = 144Hz, it's not very clear if you can do this with just one tag. I mean, you can set "type X" AND "144 Hz" OR "144Hz" but I don't know if it works as intented. There should be a logical "tree". For example: Add tag 144 Hz to prodcuts "Type X AND (desc=144 Hz OR desc=144Hz)". Promising but a lot more optimizations are needed.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

1 maart 2021


Thank you so much for your sincere review! I know our app has some issues and I think all apps have weaknesses, we're willing to hear and improve our app to more flexible for more shops.

If you want to add logic, please contact us and we will add it for you. we're so happy when you contact and want to add more conditions.

Instead of using OR in 144Hz, you can use Regex to find your description. It looks like that. https://i.imgur.com/naV1LRp.png

Our app also allow you to customize your logic that is supported by Liquid, you can see it here: https://i.imgur.com/lYS1cnE.png

I contacted and created a ticket for you, please reply to it and we will help you to set up all rules that you need, or please contact us via support@ordersify.com

Best regards,