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15 febbraio 2023

Can be done better and cheaper with other tools. Content reads like . Doesn't understand promotions or pre-sales.

Brave Gaming
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1 giorno di utilizzo dell’app
22 ottobre 2020

Used to work ok, but now wont post to Twitter and also constantly repeats the same products all the time. It would repeat the same item 3 times in a week despite there being over 250 items it should go through first before repeating them. Have messaged Outfy twice now about the same issues with no repsonse. Id imagine it because my credit has run out. But i refuse to add more credit if they wont fix the errors or even just ignore me.

Smart Access Solutions Ltd
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Quasi 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 6 gennaio 2022

No customer service when I had questions on set up. Evidently no way for it to NOT advertise out of stock products. Do not recommend. It definitely does spam platforms with pictures that in no way that I can find drives business back to your page.

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Outfy ha risposto 7 gennaio 2022

Dear Brainycomics,

We're sorry you have been inconvenienced. Your points are valid, but limited to the platforms you have flagged.

We care deeply about customer service and have reached out to you over email. We look forward to delivering you more happy times with Outfy. Thank you for reviewing us.

Team Outfy

Data modifica: 12 aprile 2021

Not really honest though. The free plan does not mention 1 social account only. If I upgrade, they do not tell me either how many accounts I can link?
And I keep getting this only 3,5 weeks left on my free subscription? Weird.
And now it seems I need another app to make it work? Come on people. Edit: 12.04.21: Cannot auto post specific brands, app needs still a lot of work. Other apps work better

Minasari Home
6 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Outfy ha risposto 14 gennaio 2021

Dear Minsari Home,
Thank you for your feedback and time. Our pricing page clearly mentions about everything you get. Instagram does not allow to post directly, so it needs to be done through zapier or mobile app.

We have explained and assisted you in every possible way we could. If there is still anything we can do for you, we would be glad to do that.

Team Outfy

14 ottobre 2020

I started to use this app to bring traffic to my Shopify store I will wait if it will work as I need

Circa un mese di utilizzo dell’app
5 aprile 2018

They plug their own crap with "Via @Outfy" in your posts. Shouldn't I be charging them to promote their business in my posts?

Distinctive Merchandise
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Circa un mese di utilizzo dell’app
26 ottobre 2016

Has potential to be a great app. I have tried to get a hold of support multiple times over the last week and have yet to hear back. I am having issues with how my product information is being shared.

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