OwlBoss: BFCM Mistakes Finder

OwlBoss: BFCM Mistakes Finder

作成: Stock Sync

Get notified of mistakes/errors on product info in your store

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Comprehensive dashboard

OwlBoss displays all necessary information on a single dashboard

Avoid incorrect product info

Displays all products with mistakes and can filter products based on rules selected and choose to fix those products on store.

No setup needed

Choose the rules to be displayed and OwlBoss will display those products with incorrect info.

OwlBoss: BFCM Mistakes Finderの詳細情報

With OwlBoss - Product Assistant, there are no more mistakes with your products

Managing inventory can be tedious work and oftentimes, there will have some human mistake or technical mistake occurs. Having product mistakes could potentially ruin your business and lose your customers. That is before OwlBoss. OwlBoss detect and display the mistakes that your product has.

Type of mistakes you can avoid with OwlBoss.

  • Weird characters in product detail
  • Missing images to published products
  • Products having the same SKU
  • Products with missing SKU
  • Variants are not in order
  • And many more to come...

OwlBoss is able to display the mistakes your products are having based on the filters that you set up and you are able to fix those issues immediately.





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Chestnut House Goods

I use this app to help me manage inventory in my drop shipping store. It helps me find and fix errors before they become a problem. I just started using it.

Soundporium Music Store

Does what it says. Navigates smoothly and it is free! Just started using it and already discovered a few hundred products with missing sku's and things like that.


Super app, immediately found 5 products with either missing info or duplicated SKU's. Can recommend!