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Chat Whatsapp + Condividi


GRATUITO, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp Chat Share

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Countdown Timer Bar Urgency

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Powerful Countdown timer for urgency, offer discount

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Facebook Messenger Chat


Support customers with Facebook messenger Chat and boost sale

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Powerful Free Shipping Bar


100% FREE Free shipping bar to boost sale. No Page views Limit

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Resize Image to all Same size

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Resize all images to one size, with whole store one size photo

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Image Optimizer & Compression

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Image Optimizer, Compressor, ALT, Rename file name & SEO

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Add to Cart Animator + Shaker

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Animate your Add to Cart and convert visitor into customer

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Magno Upsell Cross Sell Funnel


Boost Sales by Upselling additional items

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Powerful Announcement Bar

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Announcement bar with countdown timer fully customizable

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Powerful Social Proof


Social Proof can Boost confidence by showing recent orders

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FREE Web Push Notification


100% FREE. NO LIMIT Web Push Notifications for Abandoned Cart

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