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Terms and Conditions Checkbox

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Quickly add a terms and conditions checkbox to your cart

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Super Gift Options

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Add paid / free gift wrap, gift message & gift receipt options

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Colorful Scroll To Top Button


Free custom back to top button that fully matches your style!

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TiXel ‑ TikTok Pixel Installer

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Install the TikTok pixel code on your store in a single click!

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Custom Background Music

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Play your own music, audio or song in your store's background!

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Magical Browser Tab Animations


Converts inactive users to sales and recovers abandoned carts!

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Custom Falling Images Effect

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Decorate your store with a beautiful falling effects!

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SocialBar ‑ Social Media Icons

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Adds a floating bar with your favourite social media icons!

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Scarcity: Cart Countdown Timer

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Create urgency in customers: Buy before the cart is destroyed!

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Scarcity: Low In Stock Alert

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Hurry customers with Limited Quantity Remaining urgency alert

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St. Patrick's Day Effects

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Beautiful holiday effects, decorations, snowfall, rain & more

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Update Cart Button Remover

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Remove the update cart button and encourage users to buy more

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Waze & Google Maps Navigation


Show customers the way to your store via Waze/Google Maps apps

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Countly: Live Visitors Counter


Create social proof & FOMO with a real, live visitors counter!

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Geolocation Warnings & Pop Ups

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Country-specific product warnings popup notes before checkout

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Auto Price Update Pop Up


Keep prices updated: Auto refresh the store for idle customers

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