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Trust Me ‑ Free Trust Badges


FREE! Colour Badges, Security Badges, No Code Needed

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SEO Master ‑ Auto SEO Booster

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SEO Issues? Improve SEO Ranking,Optimize Images.Drive Traffic.

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Sticky Cart&Sticky Add to Cart

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Quick Buy Button,Sticky Add to Cart Button, Skip Cart,Mini Car

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Page Speed+Image SEO Optimizer

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Image Compression, Image Alt text, PNG to JPG. PageSpeed Boost

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Broken Link 404/301 Redirects

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Bulk Fix 404 Errors, Automated 301 Redirect, Easy Redirects.

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Announcement Bar&GDPR Consent


Multi Announce - Free Shipping, Discounts, EU cookie, COVID 19

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WebPush‑Recover Abandoned Cart

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Web Push Notifications-Abandoned Cart Recovery. Live Recover

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Local SEO ‑ Free


Boost your local business with rich snippet on search result

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