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Support directly, build trust, and increase customer loyalty.
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Add terms and conditions checkbox to Cart page & Ajax cart
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Protect the content by preventing cut, copy, save, view source
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Another easy way to expose your business via Pinterest.
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Easy way to add Any Fonts to your store without any coding.
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Chat with your shoppers via Facebook Messenger.
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Create a more immersive experience for your store with music.
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A tool to add useful size chart tables in your products pages.
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Build a help center with unlimited FAQs to reduce support time
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Boost Halloween, BFCM, Xmas Sales with Music & 20+ Effects
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Adding trust badges to boost customer trust and confidence.
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Allow visitors to scroll to the top of the page with 1 click!
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Another great way to highlight your Add to Cart button.
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Highlight text and share it via Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, …
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Easy way to add Zalo Chat to your store without any coding.