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10 novembre 2023

This works well, there is some code that could be used instead but this app makes sure that your PDF looks good on mobile or desktop. I like the ease of it and know it will look great on my shopify store and blog posts. Thank you for this simple to use app!

Loving Essential Oils
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6 maggio 2021

TOP! Einfügen auf beliebiger Stelle auf der Produktseite dank super Video-Erklärung geschafft. Problem mit Anzeige vom Support schnell und freundlich behoben (und das sogar auf deutsch). Und genau das was ich brauche.

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2 maggio 2021

Looks amazing. Easy to install and easy to handle. Perfect!
Safes me a lot of time sending german manuals to every customer. Now they can download it by themselfe.
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12 gennaio 2021

This app is amazing, I have been looking for a way to display lab results for our CBD brand, and this was one of the easiest ways to do just that!

Creating Better Days
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