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1. Februar 2024

In my 7 years of business, the "partnership" with Cahoot has been the worst business mistake of my career. Stay far away!

They constantly made errors with shipping, i.e a simple 60 piece wholesale order took 2 months to ship when they promised 2-3 days, they also promised they'd be able to use customer supplied labels but then redacted it and we had customers constantly emailing us the wrong products were shipped or missing items.

Finally the worst part is now we want to break away from this scam, move our 6k pcs of inventory, (less than 100 boxes), they're requiring we pay $22,000 USD. It's a 5 hour job to move inventory yet they are pigheaded we must pay that amount to release our property.

They misguided fees in intro calls, saying removal fees are billed as a wholesale order, ($45 an hour) - however they have a hidden fee which they claim entitles them to a $2.99 removal cost + additional BS fees ontop of it.

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6. September 2023

We have been using Cahoot for our fulfilment for a few months now, and I must say the experience has been truly amazing. Our orders ship the same day, inventory is tracked and managed efficiently, and shipping information is updated correctly. It is saving us a lot of time and resources which would otherwise have gone into setting up our own operations.

Freshly Moms
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Bearbeitet am 15. Dezember 2023

Good support and always willing to work things out. Very responsive to issues. We appreciate their flexibility and integrity.

Timpanogos Hiking Co.
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19. Dezember 2023

Cahoot onboarding was great, they helped us get set up, troubleshoot issues, and brainstorm ideas to get things working perfectly quickly. Once the software is set up, it works flawlessly. Highly Recommend.

Northern Lites Outdoors
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24. September 2023

We started using Cahoot about three months ago and they have been great to work with -- always trying to provide great service and address any concerns and issues quickly and effectively. We've been very impressed with their shipping performance and communication on status of delivery for packages. It's very helpful to know when a package has run into a delivery problem so that we can be proactive with the situation instead of reactive after a customer contacts us. They also set up a HAZMAT shipping solution to ship our products that contain lithium ion batteries which was a challenge for us with another large 3PL. They do a good job with this and we've had almost no problems so far.

Fenix Store
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10. Juli 2023

Very easy integration & top notch service! We switched to Cahoot from a different 3PL and the team has bent over backwards to make the transition easy and seamless. Great personal assistance every day from Jeremy and very quick, reliable shipping from the Cahoot partner warehouse. Highly recommend their service.
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11. April 2021

“Cahoot has amazing technology in addition their large nationwide warehouse network, sort of like Amazon FBA but without the Q4 surcharges, inventory restrictions and hassles. My inventory is received in 2 business days in Cahoot as opposed to waiting for weeks without communication from Amazon. Besides supporting my 2-day deliveries nationwide using economical ground shipping, I can also use the Cahoot shipping software to print all the shipping labels in my own warehouse for my orders that I need to ship out. All the labels come out automatically without any human input which saves me a lot of time and money. The support team is super responsive, competent and GREAT to work with. I am happy to say that Cahoot under promised and over delivered! And, btw their Shopify native integration works well and is super reliable.”

Twinkle Toy
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2. März 2022

I highly recommend Cahoot to anyone looking to outsource fulfillment for their business. They go above and beyond to help make sure your needs as a business are met. I reached out to 20 other 3PL's, and fulfillment centers. Cahoot was the best option for business relations, services, and pricing by far. Manish believed in us and was super excited to get started. He not only helped us grow as a business but helped us grow personally through recommending great books such as "Purple Cow" by Seth Godin. I cannot imagine another day without using Cahoot's services. They have made fulfillment effortless. I recommend them to anyone looking for a great genuine business partner while looking to scale their business through outsourcing fulfillment.

GN Products LLC
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17. Februar 2022

Since working with Cahoot, their customer service has been nothing but exceptional. They really make you feel like you’re in good hands and ensure to make your life easier. The service is affordable, reliable and highly scalable so you don't feel concerned about growth. Cahoot is organized in all aspects and you can definitely trust them to complete the job at hand!

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11. Mai 2022

I evaluated several 3PL options and settled on Cahoot. The operation is absolutely professional and principled. The pricing is easy to understand. As a small business, I like that I can warehouse my product across the country. This geographic diversification optimizes shipping costs and lowers disruption risk from extreme weather events. Cahoot has been a rock-solid partner so far and I look forward to working with them further.

Beim Roasters
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