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1. Februar 2024

In my 7 years of business, the "partnership" with Cahoot has been the worst business mistake of my career. Stay far away!

They constantly made errors with shipping, i.e a simple 60 piece wholesale order took 2 months to ship when they promised 2-3 days, they also promised they'd be able to use customer supplied labels but then redacted it and we had customers constantly emailing us the wrong products were shipped or missing items.

Finally the worst part is now we want to break away from this scam, move our 6k pcs of inventory, (less than 100 boxes), they're requiring we pay $22,000 USD. It's a 5 hour job to move inventory yet they are pigheaded we must pay that amount to release our property.

They misguided fees in intro calls, saying removal fees are billed as a wholesale order, ($45 an hour) - however they have a hidden fee which they claim entitles them to a $2.99 removal cost + additional BS fees ontop of it.

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Bearbeitet am 1. September 2020

We lost a lot of money using this app. First, the software loses lots of orders, so you can get kicked off Amazon etc. for late shipments. Many other issues as well, we would not recommend Cahoot.

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