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2. Juni 2024

Cahoot Fulfillment has made our warehouse so much more efficient. It has allowed us to direct our packers at the time of packing the specific box size we want them to use for each item and it has allowed our supervisors to actually supervise the packing process. Prior to Cahoot, our supervisors were pretty much chained to the label printing stations making sure that each package was shipped according to our standards (like no Ground Advantage for packages over 1 lb, etc.). Now, our supervisors are actually able to move amongst the packers and ensure the packing process is moving as expected. We have been able to reduce our staff by 1 supervisor and 1 packer saving us a significant amount of money. Additionally, it has freed our team up to handle more tasks like keeping the warehouse clean and doing more inventory counts.

Whenever we have encountered an issue or need the system to handle something differently for us, the support team excellent. They are responsive and either make a quick fix or they instruct us on how to best handle the issue. In fact, the support is so wonderful we are looking to expand our relationship and utilize a sister product of theirs.

Finally, Cahoot is user friendly. There are of course loads of videos and instructions available online, but I find that it's simply easy to locate what I need without using those tools. It's simply intuitive and everyone on the team enjoys using it. I've found that when I've gone to share something I've found with another on the team, they've actually already found that same thing because it's simply easy.

You will not be disappointed with Cahoot!

CJS Distributing
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5. Juni 2024

The Cahoot customer experience is great! We were able to submit work orders and manage our inventory with ease. Whenever we had questions, the Cahoot team responded quickly. We were able to make sure our customers had a great experience by ensuring that the products arrived to them quickly and without any damages.

Eclat US
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28. Mai 2024

We onboarded with Cahoot 4 months ago (at the beginning of Q4) with the single goal of reducing our 3PL costs. We have been happy to see considerable savings on SPD costs instantly. What I was not expecting was the excellent level of service from the Cahoot team. They took care to analyze our business in detail before we onboarded so they were certain they could fulfill their promise of service and cost.

The onboarding process was extremely easy. The Cahoot team did all the heavy lifting and the Cahoot platform is simple and easy to use. Working with Cahoot provides us with the flexibility to store product near our customers. The team continue to work with us to ensure we distribute our inventory to the right locations across the US to reduce our SPD label costs.

Rather than buying an app or a service, it feels like we have begun a great partnership with the Cahoot team who have a genuine interest in helping our business to succeed.

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29. April 2024

Cahoot has been a life saver for our business. We needed a partner that allowed us to ship faster, have shipping labels created automatically, and control our shipping costs. We could find other products that did one or two items well, but they never did the entire package and at the same time continue to be affordable.

With Cahoot we are able pick, pack and ship so much faster. We were routinely rushing until 6pm to get orders out, but we're now done most days by 4pm and that leaves us a 1-hour break to clean up and ensure everything is completed successfully. Our shipping supervisors are actually able to supervise the entire process rather than just the shipping label process, which will make our entire team more efficient. As a result, we've changed our team's hours and they get out of work earlier and we are getting more done than just taking care of orders (cleaning, maintenance, etc.). The best part - we've been able to reduce our numbers by 2 employees.

The ability to make sure that team members know what boxes to use is also invaluable. We are able to maintain inventory of boxes which means we know when to order more and can better budget for this cost. It also means that all team members are using the same box for items and it's the most cost effective box.

Additionally, the Cahoot team is amazing to work with. They are organized and have the training expertly set up. They are responsive and always helpful. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next because I know it will be great. I also appreciate their knowledge in the industry and their understanding and leadership on what it takes to meet all the ecommerce and marketplace requirements.

Cahoot will not dissapoint you!

JCS Wildlife
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31. Mai 2024

Cahoot does a great job with our storage and shipping. The connection to our shopify account was easy and they process orders super fast. Their support team is super responsive and Jeremy specifically on the account management team has been super helpful. We're new to Shopify and 3PL so his help has been great as we've started.

Hammer Back
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6. September 2023

We have been using Cahoot for our fulfilment for a few months now, and I must say the experience has been truly amazing. Our orders ship the same day, inventory is tracked and managed efficiently, and shipping information is updated correctly. It is saving us a lot of time and resources which would otherwise have gone into setting up our own operations.

Freshly Moms
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10. Juli 2023

Very easy integration & top notch service! We switched to Cahoot from a different 3PL and the team has bent over backwards to make the transition easy and seamless. Great personal assistance every day from Jeremy and very quick, reliable shipping from the Cahoot partner warehouse. Highly recommend their service.
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Bearbeitet am 15. Dezember 2023

Good support and always willing to work things out. Very responsive to issues. We appreciate their flexibility and integrity.

Timpanogos Hiking Co.
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19. Dezember 2023

Cahoot onboarding was great, they helped us get set up, troubleshoot issues, and brainstorm ideas to get things working perfectly quickly. Once the software is set up, it works flawlessly. Highly Recommend.

Northern Lites Outdoors
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29. April 2021

Highly recommend this platform. It has truly helped streamline my business. Easy to use. Customer service is second to none!

360 World Snacks
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