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26 juni 2020

I have been using Perfect Audience for many years, since 2014. Using them has resulted in over a 10x ROI. I highly recommend them! A+

Morrow Audio
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Bewerkt 7 juni 2021

I just installed the app. It's doing what it's supposed to do. I love the simple interface.. It keeps all my stats under one roof so i can see what's going on in my FB and web campaigns. Nice!"

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8 november 2022

Retargeting is always profitable and there is no better way to get a HUGE ROI than using this app. Other than the ROI they have some brilliant engineers and customer service staff who make your life way easier so everything just happens at ease. I wish I knew earlier retargeting and great ROI are this easy!

La Reine Jewelry
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Bewerkt 7 juni 2021

This is working pretty well. I am retargeting my site visitors with dynamic ads and bringing them back to a trial offer. So far so good!

Magic Gel Candles & Gems
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26 juni 2020

3 things I liked, and 1 thing that could be improved.

First, just like in the Godfather, here's the thing I felt could be improved. It took a bit of time to get my ads to run. That wasn't the fault of Perfect Audience, so much as my store was relatively new at the time and I didn't have any traffic. It makes sense because you have to have a few people going to your site first before you can retarget to them.

1. I was able to see exactly what was going on with my ad campaign. The dashboard is really easy to understand and shows me what i need at a glance without having to dig around.

2. The support folks are pretty great. They know their stuff and pretty quick to respond. (Even though my campaigns aren't spending huge $$$)

3. All-in-one solution. When i started out I had to have a login with Google, FB, linkedin, etc. This is just simpler. One login. One Dashboard to see all my campaigns.

I suppose I should mention price. I didn't really think this was a good or a bad thing one way or the other. It is what it is. I spend about the same as i did before. I didn't see it being more or less expensive than going with another solution so really the 3 things i mentioned above are what I'm paying for.

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5 mei 2021

Wonderful and outstanding app... it helps me a lot in building my shopify store audience. I will always use it.

Fabulous Fashion Direct
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14 mei 2021

I use this app and it help me to make my store profitable, Am glad i found the app and it really helped, Thanks

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30 april 2021

I used this app and it has helped me in increasing the ROI of my store.
Recommend this app to others. so helpful app

Nova decofy
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4 mei 2021

Love the dynamic ad functionality. Plugs right into my store and my products display nicely. Highly recommend!

Victoria Bekerman Studio
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