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Bring All Your Retargeting Ads Together Into One Powerful App.

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Increase Revenue

Our display and social ads can help drive people back to your store to complete their purchase or buy more!

You're In Control

You'll have complete control over your campaigns, creatives, budgets, audience segments, and more. Test, optimize and refine in one place.

Data Transparency

Where are your ads serving? Which ads drive the most conversions? Where are the opportunities for improvement? It's at your fingertips.

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Perfect Audience Retargeting for Shopify

Perfect Audience is a quick, easy way to retarget your Shopify website visitors and serve them ads on news, sports, business, and social websites so they return and convert into sales.

No matter what you sell or where you’re based, abandoned carts are an issue you need to address as an ecommerce retailer. Perfect Audience serves ads to the right people at the right time to encourage them to click and take another look at your store. Since few people convert on their first visit to an online store, driving multiple visits to your site is your best chance for success.

Perfect Audience, a SharpSpring company, helps you keep your advertising budgets under control with a variety of tools that show you exactly what you’re spending and where you’re spending it. It’s a do-it-yourself Demand Side Platform for dynamic display banner advertisements, displaying the exact product a user was viewing on your site.

Perfect Audience offers a $100 ad credit for Shopify users, a detailed video library, an extensive knowledge base, an attentive support team, and a variety of other services for its users. Perfect Audience is free to install, and all you ever pay is the amount you set for your campaign budgets.

Perfect Audience Features! * Import your product feed into Perfect Audience with just one click and serve dynamic product-specific ads to your browsers, shoppers, and cart bouncers.

  • Track conversions, click through rate, and other key metrics, providing detailed analytics that will help you make informed marketing decisions.

  • You're in control of your creatives, your budgets, and your campaign flights. You can easily manage one or multiple Shopify stores. Our knowledge base, tutorial videos, webinars, and support team are here to help you become a retargeting rockstar.

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2.3 stelle su 5

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WORST APP EVER! VERY VERY BAD APP! DIDN'T GET ANY SUPPORT I CAN SETUP FACEBOOK DYNAMIC CAMAPGIN "There was a problem saving your ad." Very bad support was sending them video explaining problem weeks ago and still no answer or help i don't know what the problem with this company very bad experience.

BayB Brand

I used this app to help me with retargeting ads, they said they would match my ad spend but I never saw it added. They don't respond to support requests, avoid this app. I'd give it zero stars if I could.

Morrow Audio

I have been using Perfect Audience for many years, since 2014. Using them has resulted in over a 10x ROI. I highly recommend them! A+