Smart Phone Order

Smart Phone Order


Phone orders? no problem, use smart phone order app.

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Accept phone orders

User friendly dashboard(wizard steps) to add phone orders in shopify.

Add phone orders in bulk

Easy to import orders in bulk via a csv at end of the day.

Add custom products

Easy to add not available product during phone order process.

关于 Smart Phone Order

Do you have customers who orders over the phone? The Phone Orders Import app helps you to quickly and easily add & manage manual orders.

What is Smart Phone Order?

  • Smart Phone Order is a simple solution for add phone orders manually or bulks order import into the Shopify backend.
  • Smart Phone Order is designed to be a quick, easy and affordable solution for importing your daily manual orders into the Shopify backend.

What can Smart Phone Order app do for you?

  • Have ability to Import/add your orders in bulk using simple CSV file.
  • Have ability to add existing products or custom products into the manual order.
  • Have ability to create a new customer account if the customer does not exist.
  • Have ability to apply discount offers and promotional code during the manual order process.
  • Have ability to select your store existing shipping method or add new custom shipping method.
  • Manual Payment options like Check & COD.

How does Phone Order app work?

There are two features available to use for this app.

Bulk Import Process:

  • You just need to download a sample CSV file from the app
  • Add your Order data within a CSV file according to a sample CSV file
  • Upload a CSV file within the app
  • Start process to import your orders

Phone Order Manual Process:

  • Select your existing or add a new customer.
  • Add customer’s billing address information
  • Select the products from your existing store products list or you can also create a custom product for the order.
  • Have ability to add discount offer in % or fix manually.
  • Select the shipping method from your existing store Shipping method or you can add custom shipping.
  • Add Shipping address Information
  • Select Payment Method - Check & COD
  • Complete the order.
  • Select the Order Status, like Pending Payment, Completed Payment etc..



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