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At $49 a month, this is the most expensive app I've downloaded and the most disappointing. First, it barely enhanced any of my photos. Second, the speed of my website did not go up. Third, some of the main features are broken (the photo editor) and when I sent an email about it to their "top-tier" customer service, there was no response or fix for over a week. I finally messaged them again and they told me to use their website for 2 free images and they'll work on fixing the shopify app with no ETA. Now I've just gone ahead and downloaded TINY and regret paying for this in the first place.

Photobearが返信しました 2023年7月7日

Please reach out - not sure how we got to this state, and I hope to win you back. As you can tell from the rest of the reviews, this is not a representative experience.

For people who read this app: our pricing is not a flat 49$ a month, this pricing is reserved for stores with a very high amount of products only (our entry tier is 19$/mo).


I tried the app and it is useless! regret installing it!

image sizes remain the same even after the app says that sizes are now optimized and website will load faster.

I wrote directly to the owner (URI) who promises that he will reply in less than one hour but I didn't hear back from him

Brandat Outlet
Photobearが返信しました 2023年1月22日

UPDATE: I tried reaching out to the reviewer repeatedly to figure out what went wrong, and not getting any response. If you're reading this, I encourage you to read all the other reviews - this is literally the only 1 star review here, and I'm still holding out hope that the reviewer will answer my emails and give me a chance to convert this to a 5 star review as well eventually...

Brandat - I'm still available any time at

-- Original reply ---

Hi Brandat!

You're our first review that's not a 5 star review, and I'm sure if you talk to us we'll get you to turn this one around too - this has to be some sort of mistake or miscommunication.

First: I'm afraid I don't see any email that was sent to us from your store's email - let's connect as a first priority:

1. My personal email:
2. You can book a Zoom call with me:

Happy to follow up with a head to head comparison of all the images on your store and see why you believe their sizes haven't changed.

I can access copies of your original photos and our result photos and we'll go over them together and see that they have changed. If for any reason the updates failed to reflect on to your store I'll gladly fix it immediately.

Again, I'll do anything to resolve this - whether there's a technical outage, or some issue in the way you check for image sizes that led you the wrong conclusion here.

Founder - Photobear