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I'm disappointed with the app's lack of responsiveness. While it does a good job of optimizing pictures, it fails to enhance new low-resolution pictures, and my attempts to get clarification via email have been unsuccessful. Additionally, the manual enhancing option generates a .bin file instead of an image file when used on mobile.

It's frustrating that leaving a negative review seems to be the only way to get the help I need. I hope the app's support team improves their communication and responsiveness so users can get the support they need without resorting to leaving reviews.

After my review and the few hiccups described in it, Uri was quick to react and worked tirelessly over the weekend to fix the issue. I appreciate his efforts and waited an extra three days before posting this update to ensure the problem is solved, which appears to be the case. Therefore, I am happy and giving an extra star for the service and the fact that the app is now working.

However, I still do not give 5 stars as I believe an intermediate plan charged $20-30 for 5,000/7,000 photos would be more appropriate. The current jump from a 'FREE plan' to a '$50 plan' when you have a medium website is quite steep and may deter some potential users.

Uri also promised to look into providing more transparency when a process is running, which is a good step forward, considering my previous suggestions were simply ignored until today. I still would have appreciated a proper explanation for the crashes (corrupted images, files too big, etc.) ;)

Overall, the app is effective, and I really appreciate the monitoring feature, which reduces work. The app is also unusual in that it can increase resolution AND reduce file size without using two different apps (= no conflicts). I would like to give a special mention to the fact that it is really doing a great job at reducing the size!"

The support experience was also very average. There wasn't much communication, and most of the time, I received an automatic message saying that optimisation was done. The director, Uri, claimed to be available for support in his welcome email and even urged me to "try him," but when the app got stuck at the first use, I never received a response after reaching out. I had to contact support and include him in cc. Not a good start but it's representative of the overall experience.

While the app is decent, it isn't outstanding, especially given its price. When the app doesn't work, it can be frustrating as it randomly stops and restarts working, leaving you with no idea of what's happening. At times, I even suspected that the app wasn't using real AI but instead people manually optimising files.

In conclusion, I'll likely switch to another app as soon as I have time to explore other options unless this app improves visibility on the process. I'm unsure if this will happen since I never received a response to my email suggesting ideas like having a log or progress bar.

Eyefood Factory Australia
Photobearが返信しました 2023年3月8日

--- UPDATE ---

Glad you saw my commitment to make things right and updating the review accordingly. Still holding out hope that we'll outperform enough to earn the last 5th star, anything else is always a disappointment for me.

Thanks for being fair minded and working with me to resolve the issues we've encountered.

--- END UPDATE ---


First I want to thank you for being at least even handed in your review. Many people jump to 1 start at the slightest annoyance, and I appreciate that you actually wanted to be fair here.

I tried to find what email you sent that I didn't respond to, and I wasn't able to find that's associated with EyfoodFactory. I'd love to dig into it and see how I missed you!

Our app did indeed have an outage where results weren't being produced, but that issue has been fixed. Results are being generated automatically by AI. It's infeasible to optimize thousands of photos with humans in the loop, and certainly not give an immediate landing page experience that previews the optimization just as soon as you install the app.

I recognize that you're being very even handed and honest in your review. I still don't know how we dropped the ball on an email you sent to us - but if I can still fix this, please reach out at and I'll make it right.