Pickup & Delivery Buddy

Pickup & Delivery Buddy

od Keylay Apps

A buddy for all your pickup and delivery needs

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Scheduled pickup/delivery

Add scheduled dates and times for pickup and/or local delivery orders, and customize options to your liking.

Unlimited locations

Add pickup and/or delivery scheduling to all of your stores!

Simple to use

Get started in 3 steps with our checklist-based onboarding.

Podrobnosti o Pickup & Delivery Buddy

About Pickup & Delivery Buddy

Pickup & Delivery Buddy is a Shopify app that enables scheduled pickups and/or deliveries to your store.

It works on the cart page by rendering a widget above the checkout button. Customers can use the widget to select locations, dates, and times. After checkout, the app sends a confirmation email and tags the order with pickup/delivery details.


  • Pickup
  • Delivery
  • Date and timeslot scheduling
  • Product exclusions
  • Black out days
  • Order limits per timeslot
  • Limit # of future days shown
  • Lead times
  • Cutoff times
  • Email notifications
  • Widget customizations
  • Translatable labels
  • Delivery restrictions based on postal code
  • Enable/disable pickup/delivery/shipping
  • Enable/disable delivery restrictions

The app works with all of Shopify's free themes.

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Free Forever


  • 100 monthly pickups/deliveries
  • Pickup and/or delivery
  • Date/time scheduling
  • Unlimited locations
  • Email notifications



  • 100 monthly pickups/deliveries
  • Storefront customizations
  • Product/date exclusions
  • Lead & cutoff times
  • Order limits
  • Everything in Free Forever



  • Unlimited pickups/deliveries
  • Everything in Plus plan

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** Opakované platby, včetně měsíčních poplatků nebo poplatků za použití, se fakturují jednou za 30 dnů.

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This is a great little app that has everything my business needs. It's fast to set up and easy to use and provides a benefit to me, my customers and my store that far outweighs its price. Not only that, the support has been outstanding - any questions or concerns have been promptly answered and solved. Highly recommend!

Balloons by CAR

I must have looked at well over fifteen pick up and delivery apps before deciding on this one by Keylay Apps. I'm glad I did, not only it is aesthetically clean and simple, but customer support is outstanding. Earlier this week I was having an issue with my delivery fee not showing up in my cart, and Kyle was extremely helpful with trouble shooting the problem. After a few back and forth emails, he helped me figure out the solution and now all is working great! Don't be hesitant in asking questions prior to installing this delivery app, or after you've installed it if you're having problems, because customer support is patient and prompt in responding to your emails. Well worth the monthly fee!

Yin's Wholefood

Very good Pickup & Delivery app, it is easy to set up and and comes with comprehensive features! I tried many delivery apps, this is the best delivery app I would say, it comes most of the features we need. The support is fantastic too, very responsive and helpful. Highly recommended! Thank you for providing this app service, this is really great app!