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Summarize the line items from multiple orders

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Combine orders

Simplify your trip to the warehouse by generating a summary of the line items contained inside of multiple orders.

Save time

A single list of items in the warehouse means you don't have to wast time looking over every order to find and add the quantity of each item

Save paper

Why print off every order just to pick items off a shelf? Combine them all into a single list and print a single summary for reference.

Su PiknPak

Summarize the line items from multiple orders and make a single trip to the warehouse

PiknPak lets you combine multiple orders into a single list of items which you can print and bring with you into your warehouse.

Summarize orders for your bakery-style store

The PiknPak summary is also great for bakeries, or other made-to-order stores. Use the order summary to know exactly how many loaves of break you need to fulfill all your day's orders.

Easy to use

  1. Pick the orders you would like summarized from your Shopify admin panel, the select "Generate summary"
  2. Optionally, print off the generated summary and fulfil your orders easily

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5.0 stelle su 5

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Thank you Eric and team for offering this amazing app. Improves our fulfilment process significantly. Not to mention the awesome customer care and support we have got where Eric and team have helped us at https://lunchboxen.net/ to improve the app to satisfy our specific needs. Can really recommend this app!

Risposta dello sviluppatore

23 gennaio 2021

Thank you for the glowing review! We enjoyed working with you and helping to streamline your fulfillment process :)

Mother ease

I already left a review on this app from my primary store, but here's another one. This app has really been very helpful in streamlining our order fulfillment process

Mother ease

This app has saved us a TON of time!
The team prints out the orders that need to ship for the day and a copy of the PiknPak sheet. With the PiknPak sheet, they go into the warehouse and know exactly how many of each SKU to get - saving us a lot of running around, reviewing each individual order.
The app support has also been very quick and helpful. I would highly recommend this to any store that wants to simplify the "product picking" portion of shipping orders.