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Pin Generator , 13 recensies

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9 november 2023

I've followed the app since its start, it's been continuously evolving and for us Pinterest was only a side interest, but thanks to the Shopify automation now we have a new channel of potential leads interests.
The app is not bug free, but i can assure that from our experience the founder is solid to fix bugs fast and efficiently and support the clients.
Test and you won't regret!
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9 november 2023

It’s incredibly easy to use, especially with Shopify integration. Saves hours generating pins. Easy to use and the customer service is great.
Highly recommend
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26 mei 2023

The AI AutoPin function can create different photos, titles and descriptions for the same pin design if that one goes viral. We also use the automatic AI function to rewrite description to get ideas apart from using them for Pins.

iSmart Home Gadgets Limited
Hongkong SAR van China
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25 mei 2023

The templating tool, once you have it tuned up for your needs, is a huge time saver.

But the massive unlock is taking a set of successful pins or products and setting the tool to auto generate and post the pins, with slightly AI rewritten titles and descriptions if you want based on kw's. So your not just creating and scheduling like Tailwind, your moving to auto pilot.

I did this for less than the cost of my Pinterest VA in a single month!
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Pin Generator heeft geantwoord 25 mei 2023

Thanks for the awesome review. :-)

Glad you are finding it so useful!

Kind regards,

7 februari 2023

Great app that takes the use of Pinterest to a new level. Thanks also to the support, very fast and courteous!

Flows Art
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25 maart 2023

I use it, didn’t work for me. I cancel the subscription by the way they recommended just delete the store from pin generator and they kept on charging me! no customer service and no phone number. I need answers.
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Pin Generator heeft geantwoord 25 maart 2023

Hi Elena,

I can see the first time you have reached out to us was less than an hour before leaving this review. We have a chatbot on all of our pages which is our point of contact and we have a contact page with a feedback form and a contact email address. In addition, all contact information is in the app listing on Shopify.

Kindly advise any other attempts to contact us which we may not have received?

Regarding, the instruction to delete your store from Pin Generator. This is not the prescribed way to cancel your subscription. You can either delete the app from your Shopify store or cancel the subscription from the Pin Generator pricing page.

Can you please tell me where you got this other information, as it is incorrect?

If it is the case that you forgot to cancel your subscription before renewal, then the best option would have been to reach out to me via the above-mentioned contact options and organize a refund, rather than give me a one-star review which negatively affects my business.

Kind regards,

24 januari 2023

not working i have tried many times to submit my pins but the app is not working , also the say that the app is 7 days free trial but they want to charge me today

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Pin Generator heeft geantwoord 25 januari 2023

Hi Guircio,

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing. If you could elaborate on the specific issue you are having then I'll do my best to assist you? I take bad reviews very seriously as of course I only want my customers to have the best experience.

With regard to the 7 day trial, you are not charged for the app immediately, you are just asked to enter your details and only after 7 days are you then charged. You are free to cancel at any time before the 7 day trial has finished without being charged.

Please feel free to email me directly on and I can personally assist you in resolving whatever the issue may be.

Kind regards,

20 september 2022

This app will save you a ton of time making pins! Super easy to use and customizable. Customer service is fast and helpful.

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7 november 2022

Amazing app! Pingenerator has saved me tons of time. I now finally have pins posting each day to Pinterest. It's easy to use, the customer service has been great and my Pinterest stats have improved SO much! I'm also seeing a spike in traffic coming from pinterest to my Shopify site. I just wish this company would make more apps because this one is serious SO good!

Looking Sharp Cactus LLC
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6 november 2022

Pin Generator has helped create my Pinterest campaign with such ease. I have sped up my Pin creation and scheduling dramatically.

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