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8. kesäkuu 2023

Ótimo gosto muito do pinterest. Já uso o app a algum tempo, e gostei. o pinterest esta de parabens.

Inovatech Digital
3. kesäkuu 2023

Shit app. They give you a bonus credit, and then suddenly the bonus stops and they start taking your money. I lost 100 euros with this app, I don't recommend and no orders come in.

I will try to recover but I don't know if I will succeed something seems to me like thievery on the face...

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3. kesäkuu 2023

Sehr gut.
Es ging sehr schnell, ich bin sehr zufrieden.
Ich kann es nur weiter empfehlen!
Top :)

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29. toukokuu 2023

using pinterest has been great to get more exposure for my products, thankyou very much for your app!

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 7 päivää
25. toukokuu 2023

Great, I love it, it is so much easier to manage than Facebook and google who make things so technical and you cannot get hold of anyone to ask why you can't run ads. This is way easier, thank you so much.

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25. toukokuu 2023

It's been almost a month since the app isn't working AT ALL. I tried everything: uninstall it, disconnect the website, cancel every permission. Everything. Now I can't even reconnect my products catalog and there's an "error page" everytime I try to do something. I would love to be able to arrange that, 'cause Pinterest gives a nice visibility of my brand. Any help would be much appreciated.

Júlia Castro Jewelry
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: Noin 2 vuotta
22. toukokuu 2023

I love Pinterest! It’s such a great app for finding inspiration, discovering new ideas, and saving them for later. I use it for everything from home decor, fashion, recipes, crafts, travel, and more. It’s so easy to browse through different categories, follow people with similar interests, and create boards for my own projects. I also like how I can share my pins with friends and family, and see what they are pinning too. Pinterest is my go-to app for whenever I need some creativity or motivation. It’s like having a personal magazine that’s tailored to my preferences. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves exploring new things and having fun!

Northwoods Home & Decor
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21. toukokuu 2023

Easy and simple solution, integration, and tag. Also, what's not to love about FREE advertising credits! Facebook doesn't do that! Thanks, Pinterest, for helping my little store get started on her way

Callé Kings
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17. toukokuu 2023

you have denied by store because you state that i am a resale marketplace. Etsy is a resale marketplace that sells vintage items which are resale items. Ebay is also a resale marketplace, but i guess since i do not bring enough $$$ and just a small business. I am not allowed. You are not following your guidelines.

Yesenia's Vintage
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15. toukokuu 2023

Easy to use very helpful i know nothing about this. Seems to intergrate easily. Added all needed information easily.

Aso's World
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