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18. lokakuu 2022

I have not had the opportunity to use the app because I spent hours figuring out how to remove the ad blocker, which I did, but I still kept getting the error message when I wanted to put in my billing information. It is so frustrating, and I am still stuck at this point; hence cant start to use the app, unfortunately.

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7. maaliskuu 2023

Easy to use but After I made changes to my shopify store, old collections and products are still there . Can't make changes to Pinterest shop , tried disconnecting and connecting again but no use.

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24. syyskuu 2022

I get to promote my products using my personal Pinterest profile and still get my leads and conversions. It is straightforward to add new pins, and their Idea pins are genius. It goes with the times of people only have short attention spans.

Akshar herbs and spices
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6. syyskuu 2023

Shopify continues to say Pinterest is not connected to an advertising account. Choose an account to run ads on Pinterest. However, I have an ad account and somehow it’s not connected. Please help. '

Digi Dripp Nails
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5. joulukuu 2022

We are Pix'oARTS, a site of posters of contemporary artists and iconic posters of incredible brands. Each wall poster design is printed with the best quality at the time of the order. Is a Customer Request to get a poster, we provide the printing service, non violation any policy according Pinterest terms.. thanks

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18. marraskuu 2022

its pretty sweet the only reason Im even still typing is their reviews stupid minimum of 100 characters

Iron Will Fitness
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27. huhtikuu 2023

The extraction of recent catalog products always decreases by 90% and lasts for several days, always repeated, is it my reason? Or is it because of pinterest?

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16. marraskuu 2022

I'm still learning and following instructions. It's not for me as I have TBI and processing information overwhelms me.

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28. syyskuu 2022

I haven't used Pinterest very much in the past few years as I am still not used to how Pinterest works

Flower City Soap Company
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24. syyskuu 2022

olá , conheci Pinterest agora e estou baixando para testar a plataforma pois foi indicada pelo nosso mentor Alberto Kouty

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