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****** BEWARE | CAUTION | BEWARE | CAUTION ********* || This app syncing is only approved with Pinterest should your Shopify store meet specific Pinterest acceptance criterias. The main one is your Shopify site has to be 9mths+ in operation. (As I learnt today - 14Feb2023). Without this minimum store age requirement, you will see the automated 'ISSUES' notification and 2 chances of 'appeal' to rectify the 'issues'. ****** BEWARE | CAUTION | BEWARE | CAUTION ********* Only install if your Shopify store is over 9mths in operation at least you'll know that if you take heed of this warning/caution, your Shopify store has one less automated rejection issue to deal with. There's no point with me submitting the last final 2of2 appeal because store less than 30days 'old' and so will be uninstalling. It was less than a day installed from this page and automatically disabled by Pinterest the same day! Note: Currently, (14Feb2023) the minimum store age requirement is NOT MENTIONED here in the app description or blurb and I may have missed it on Pinterest website. Did you too? Take heed of this comment! It'll save you frustration and wasted time installing!!! ****** BEWARE | CAUTION | BEWARE | CAUTION *********


If I could leave a negative review, I would!
When I first try to link my products listing 8 months ago to Pinterest using an official third party app from Shopify and the help of the Pinterest team, I got my account banned the second after it started working. And the technical support that had been helping me just stopped answering my messages.

It took me 8 months to have them recognise their mistake and reactivate my account, during which I went from nearly half a million views per month to a couple thousands.

As I thought it was all sorted now, I tried installing the app but never got it to work, and reading other reviews, I decided to give up as I don't want to have my account banned again for no reason.

That's really a shame, not to mention that when they reestablished my account it sounded like "oups we made a mistake" but no apologies for the business loss and absolutely no explanations. Which is a bit light considering the prejudice.

So think about it twice before installing the app, if it goes wrong there is no customer support and not only you'll be banned but all existing pins pointing at your domain will be labelled and showcased to others (human and bots) users as spam, you won't even get access to your accounting info if you advertised with Pinterest.


My business is only two weeks old. I was going to use Pinterest to help get things moving, but the number of hoops that one needs to jump through in order to launch a merchant campaign is downright oppressive. I find it ridiculous that an advertising platform that wants my money believes that it has the right to tell me how to run my business, such as demanding that I be on certain social media sites and denying my business access simply because it's just getting started. I know of many other ways that I can promote my business and when it's up and running, Pinterest won't be receiving my advertising dollars.

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After I installed the Pinterest app on Shopify I clicked on the green "Connect Pinterest Account" and then appears this "Account is suspended" red button.
Without warning, account suspended.
My Pinterest account was fine up until the moment I clicked on the "Connect Pinterest Account" ******Update******
My account was reinstated via email and came with an apology but no justification as to why this happened.
I'm a tad wary of Pinterest, now. Although, I have successfully re-installed the app my business Pinterest account is a bit dodgy. The people I used to follow (all of 3 people who are fellow creatives / friends) can not be followed. The amount of followers I had is half of what it used to be and when I ask my 3 friends / creatives to follow me, they can't. Going to leave the 1 star right there until I can work with Pinterest to resolve this issue. If it can't be resolved then there are many, many, more social media outlets there.
What a day!


I will update this review when the app is updated. I really wanted to link my store with Pinterest and start running ads through them, but for some reason this app doesn't work with Chrome. I feel like Chrome is really popular so I was surprised that I wasn't able to use this app. I also tried using the app with Safari and that was also a no-go. If anyone was able to fix this issue, any help would be appreciated!


My account got disabled a few hours after I installed this app. I do not recommend to use this app for this reason.

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install failed with zero explanation and zero online support on the pinterest side making this a failed experiment and waste of time.


new pinterest app doesn't work. zero, a complete failure. REALLY this is the crap you call an app programming and engineering and software Who wrote this garbage? You paid MONEY for a developer for this? OMG REALLY? A complete Failure nothing but ZERO. So you get kick off Shopify and you make this app strange $1k business spent money for this maybe not? Doesn't work at all.
PINTEREST incが返信しました 2020年5月26日

If there is anything we can help with please reach out to our support email at


Can't connect the Shopify account to pinterest, it just rejects the connection request and puts me into a loop of Shopify - cookie consent - Pinterest homepage - and again. After reading the reviews I think I will stick to Instagram and Facebook connections. They want to make business.

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App is not working. cannot connect due to cookie problems, although cookies are allowed. cannot use the app for my business.