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nao esta funcionando
aparece a seguinte msg Algo não está certo

Tente novamente mais tarde. nao sei como resolver

Sua Casa Pratica

no longer works keeps saying Catalog needs attention and never updates anymore. was working fine and now has just quit working. do not install this

Brim & Boho
PINTEREST incが返信しました 2020年7月10日

We're sorry that you had this experience with the appeal page. The appeal actually made it through to us. Please check your email.


These people are INSANE! I added 100% organic and natural balms and salves and every couple days I get an email stating my web site no longer meets Pinterest. Then a couple days later I get an email stating it was an error and they apologize, then a couple days later yet another email stating my site stinks and they want nothing to do with it. We I want NOTHING to do with Pinterest anymore. App deleted!

Mystic Moon Shop, Inc

I keep getting the error messages: "Too few of the Product IDs included in your Add to Cart events match the Product IDs in your Catalog" and
"Too few of the Product IDs included in your Checkout events match the Product IDs in your Catalog." I emailed, so I'm hoping they can help me resolve the issue.

LE Jewelry Designs

This app used to work, then it just stopped....Doesnt connect anymore I figured they got rid of the app until I saw it listed here. Dont bother..
***Update- have been with pinterest for about 3 years- just got booted for not meeting merchant requirements- yet they dont tell you out of my 3000 products what products dont meet their requirements. Moving on and forgetting pinterest....just gave it 1 star for lack of concern when it comes to helping one of their long term merchants. Skip the aggrevation if you can. Better off creating a pinterest acct and pinning your products to your profile for your business.

Posh Pet Glamour Boutique

I received most consistent traffic to my shop. Also, the initial promotional gift was nice. I didn't know how much influence Pinterest has on shoppers.

UPDATE: Merchant Support has been extremely disappointing. I loved the Pinterest sales channel until now...

Instead of communicating to fix something minor on your site before a deadline, they remove your merchant status 1st! This makes you look fraudulent to your Pin followers and anywhere your Pin profile has been shared. It literally took 2 mins to change what they wanted but it took 3 support agents and 2 days for someone to state exactly what was needed instead of being told to "read the guidelines." Received an email that the merchant status was restored but, our catalog feed doesn't load to Pinterest even though it hasn't been altered on our side in 2 yrs. The shopify app states the feed is active and connected to pinterest but the pinterest biz page says error-no ingestion for over a week now with no steps provided to resolve. The support agent repeated "read the guidelines," there's an issue with the feed and to make (unstated) changes. They gave no exact details of what to fix. Then we received another email: "Please complete any outstanding steps, if any, so you can submit your application to the Verified Merchant Program" but the link only goes to to the pinterest home page! They make you play a mystery game of "what will fix the mystery issue?"

I guess I'm expecting support to want to help resolve but it comes off as dismissive.


Despite multiple attempts to contact their support, I still get no help at all. I made an account, put in my billing information and all relevant information for my company and website, and seconds after my account was suspended. I then tried with several other accounts and several other emails, and the exact same thing happened many times. on top of that I have an active campaign that I cannot delete because I need to be logged into a Pinterest account in order to delete it. Pinterest support says "It shows your account violated our policy". HOW?!?! It was made 3 seconds ago. I get zero support and no explanation. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Tech Shop Canada

The Pinterest app advertised through Shopify's app store looked to be a great option for the types of products we offer (digital and canvas photo collages and designs). There have been many issues since reporting the first trouble ticket June 17, 2020. The provided support channels were used for both Shopify and Pinterest to report new issues and check status for open issues.

The app's performance in the Shopify admin had a glitch. It would not work at all in Safari, and Chrome eventually stopped too. The app was tested on mobile and desktop experiences. A ticket was submitted to
Shopify. The app needed to be un-installed and re-installed.

There were ingestion errors on Pinterest's side. It was a technical error with no information listed in the error report. Pinterest said they would research it and get back ASAP. It was sent to engineers after the first couple levels of support couldn't figure it out. Status checks were done multiple times to see what progress was with the ingestion issues. No timeline for correction has been provided, the responses were left at "ASAP."

It took 2.5 weeks to resolve the initial "technical error" on their side. Then there was an issue with products not showing as pins. The guidelines note less than 10 products won't be featured, but there were 10 products selected for the Pinterest sales channel. Pinterest support asked us to add more. We did. This resolved the issue of product information being ingested into Pinterest, but only product information transferred. Another issue started.

The next issue is product options, most importantly, product pricing information not importing. This issue is ongoing.

UPDATE 7.29.2020. A total 6 weeks have passed, and there is no working shopping experience for Pinterest through this app. There is also no ETA for when it'll work. Weekly contact has been made with someone at Pinterest support trying to get updates.

The latest suggestion was to delete all product variants. We pointed out that meant there would be no way for the store to sell a product because a variant is associated with its price. We attempted to clarify the suggestion from Pinterest by asking if they were suggesting to duplicate the product many times over with a one price option. We mentioned this would most likely confuse customers.

Having a Pinterest business account has been great for brand awareness. Having the app from Pinterest through Shopify has not been pleasant. Support is difficult to reach. Suggestions from support personnel are not conducive to running an online business. Support is online only, there are no additional options to resolve the concerns.

Beagle FX

This app doesn't load up ever. Can you please fix this?! I've been trying to use this on our store and get everything set up. Very eager to use!

AURA Nutrition