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I just signed up. It seems premature to ask me to rate it. I had a problem with cookies and needed to use a non-Incognito window.

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It is a hassle trying to connect the app. I've cleared the cache and history. I've enabled cookies and gave Pinterest access to connect to Shopify. However, it continues to reroute. I've used safari, chrome, and Firefox via website and mobile. The "pintegration" sucks and needs to be updated.


The merchant account has not been approved as for some reason the source URL is not linking to my website, but some random Google URL. I have no idea where this is being picked up from or how to fix it, and as usual the 'help centre' just give you a copy and paste answer that is no help at all! If there is a proper person at Pinterest that can help i would be most grateful. Thanks!

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The setup was easy, but the end result was poor. The majority of the Pins automatically created on Pinterest by the app do not show the primary image. What you end up with is a Pin where the image does not always reflect what is being advertised. It doesn't provide any favorable impressions for your brand, and there is no option to edit the Pin with the correct image. Pinterest states they use an algorithm to select the best image from your Shopify listing. Why? In just about every listing the primary image is going to be the best image. So why is an algorithm needed? Just select the primary image. Pinterest is aware of the issue and has been for more than a year now, but still has no idea as to when or if a fix will be implemented. I applaud Pinterest for offering a Shopify app that has the potential to do a lot of good things, but until the image issue is fixed it would be difficult at best to recommend the app.

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After 5 years of using the Pinterest App through Shopify, feeding my products as shoppable pins and being an approved Merchant, Pinterest has kicked out every single seller of vintage or antique goods except for the big marketplaces.


we shouldn't have to put a payment option at the beginning of setting up the connection between our shopify and our pinterest.....NO OTHER platform does this! We would love to connect our online store to our pinterest, but NOT If you are needing payment information up front. .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

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It doesn't let me connect, I don't know why it keeps happening. Every time I get to the connect page it goes back to the start.


The app is pulling the wrong URL. Shopify uses the Product Handle in the URL, but this app is pulling the Product ID instead. With the Product ID in the URL, it creates a 404 Page Not Found error, which cascades into multiple other errors. You need to modify your app to pull the correct Product Handle URL:
Shopify uses the Product Handle: {{ all_products['the-handle'].title }} I tried to work around this by adding URL redirects. However, the problem is that when you pull URLs by Product ID, it is only limited to 20 products at a time. Since I have over 50 products, half of my products are never pulled. I contacted Pinterest Support, but they give me the run around. When there are cascading error reports (caused by the wrong URL creating a 404 Page Not Found error), they want me to address those secondary errors. It won't help. Please fix your appl.


Absolutely baffled! I’m a UK used trying to connect my Shopify shop to Pinterest app. I have contacted Shopify many times and Pinterest over the last few months as despite removing cookies, changing browsers, using different devices absolutely NOTHING will get this app to connect and I’m so disappointed. Neither side can seem to help as I’m either asked if I have installed the app…which so obviously the problem…or told to clear my browser cookies, change browser etc which I have. Multiple times. I have even tried on friends computers. Reading these reviews and searching g for help it appears that I’m one of a few who can’t get this going. So I give up

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This app works best on Chrome. Could you please try to use the app on that?


I think I have had the same experience as many: tag health. Strange error messages with no help with how to fix the problem (and sometimes what the problem even is). And support is nil. Since this is a common problem, I find it strange that it hasn't been addressed in your updates.

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