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28 januari 2024

I'm ready to give up on Pinterest to advertise my business because your merchant guidelines to let me put my shop on your site are too broad. I have been in contact with your "Customer Service" to tell me what exactly about my website doesn't meet your guidelines, and they keep repeating that I need to go to the link and do not answer my questions. This is beyond infuriating.

Secret Cat Candles LLC
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9 juni 2024

Misleading to say it can be used for organic reach and then force credit card details to use the app.

I'm not opposed to paying for marketing, but at least let me test the functionality from an organic perspective first.

Shop Lipstick Lifters
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20 februari 2024

Terrible service, If you are starting out don't bother to use this app, you will automatically fail their merchant requirements. You have to submit an appeal and you can't talk to anyone.

Another issue is I'm unable to add billing details unsure if this Is because of the above.

Another issue is that none of my products are syncing to their platform unsure if this is because of the above two issues.

Terrible app for any user on shopify.

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8 januari 2024

very stupid support here its bot very very bad and stupid support this only Sh** we get from that stupid team we try 2 months our domain 2year approve google and meta
( Unfortunately, we can't provide any more information about your merchant catalog violation)

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17 december 2023

I like Pinterest as an app but the customer support is the worst I’ve ever seen. They will absolutely not help you if you have any simple issues. I can’t put into words how bad and unprofessional the support team is, I’m getting angry even writing this

Historical Maritime
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14 april 2024

Völlig daneben, wir erhalten von Pinterest immer wieder die gleichen Anforderungen zur Freigabe des Kontos, obwohl unser Shop genau und sogar mehr den Pinterest-Anforderungen redet hier nicht mit Menschen sondern mit einer schlechten KI

- Liebe Unternehmer Finger weg, von dieser Plattform-

My Sweet Homely
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15 april 2024


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27 januari 2024

Very, VERY, buggy. Lots of pages and features don't load

Stevie Rose
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1 februari 2024

Data source connection unstable and constantly fails.

IG Studio & Co.
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21 maart 2024

as soon as I connected my store my pinterist account was deactivated!
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