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18 aprile 2024

Terrible for scale. Never use if your'e an Amazon seller.

They send automated messages even after we disabled it, their support is no help. It's risking getting our high volume business banned on amazon and has hurt our customer service.

Their customer service actually used be good, now it's outsourced garbage.

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19 dicembre 2023

App doesn't allow stores that are shipping from the United Kingdom.

Force of Life
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13 settembre 2020

Priority mail is always $3 higher than shopify, I don't know why when its the same sizes. I end of just being billed later.

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8 aprile 2019

Stay away from these guys, they will rip you off. Holding $2,000 in refunds they won't return to me.

Force Flyers - Great Drones, Great Prices
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Pirate Ship ha risposto 20 aprile 2019

For anyone who's scared by this review, there's a couple of important things to know about this situation ;)

1) Force Flyers tried to defraud Pirate Ship and the United States Postal Service for around $2,000. Unfortunately, they ignored every attempt to contact them, and instead filed a chargeback dispute with their bank. Their bank denied their dispute, agreeing that Force Flyers was attempting to commit fraud.

2) Pirate Ship's refund policy is simple. If you buy a label you're not going to use, just click the "refund" button to request a refund. USPS will wait for ~2 weeks to make sure that you don't use the label, and then put the credit back into your Pirate Ship account balance. That credit will automatically be used against your next purchase, or you can ask us to refund it to your original payment method, no problem :)

Our Terms of Service say it best... "Pirate Ship doesn't do anything dishonest. If you don't either, we'll get along just fine!"

Pirate Ship

Data modifica: 10 febbraio 2021

Super slow to generate labels & import. So dont plan on this to make the shipping process any faster with this app. They changed how they bill without warning. I also noticed that usps lost alot of the package we shipped with pirate ship vs. what we shipped with shopify. They claimed to be cheaper but they are the same price as Shopify and you are constantly being billed later on for random things so watch out. Also horrible customer service. Shopify shipping ends up being cheaper if you take into account all the times they go back and bill you randomly!!!

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29 dicembre 2018

The shipping rates offered by Pirate Ship were not cheaper than the Shopify Basic Plan. I selected the same size box, same weights, and same locations, but Pirate Shipping was approx. 30% higher.

Simply Candles & Gifts
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Pirate Ship ha risposto 13 marzo 2019

YARrrr, this here be a mighty fib, matey! Shopify's rates for USPS shipping services are NEVER cheaper than Pirate Ship, so there's no way this was an apples-to-apples comparison ;) We're always happy to compare rates and help you find savings, just chat with us!

8 maggio 2022

You can't create an account if you're not in the USA. Unfortunately, it doesn't state that anywhere.

Custom EDM Jerseys
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