PixPix Image Editor

PixPix Image Editor

作成: PixPix

Photo Editor, Image/Picture SEO, Remove Logo & Photo Resize.

Powerful Image Editors

Crop, resize and do more to any Product image with two images editors

Simple Interface

Lightweight and simple interface to find the product and images you want to edit

Product Page Integration

Quickly access the product directly from Shopify product view

PixPix Image Editorの詳細情報

Simple to use, rich in functionality

PixPix image editor is a simple to use editor with a lot of image editing options.

PixPix have a simple and intuitive interface, you can browser your products listing or directly search for a specific product using keyword search.

With Shopify Admin links integration, you can directly open a product in PixPix from your product details page in Shopify admin section.

PixPix have a variety of images editing tools, here are the most popular ones:

Image Crop & Resize

Allow you to make your product images look and fit perfectly to your store theme.

Cropping is when you cut off part of an image to achieve a new size or shape.

Resizing maintains the entire image and simply changes the size.

Change Image orientation

Change the angle and axis of an image, this tool is very practical for daily use to straighten out product images taken in landscape mode (or portrait) and rectify it.

Change Image Color and Lightning

Quickly and easily fix lighting and color issues, or make your photos black and white.

You can also autocorrect your photo with one of four basic enhancements.

Enhance and Whiten parts of the image.

Remove redeye from your photo with a brush, whiten teeth with a brush and remove skin blemishes with a brush.

Draw text or freely with a pencil

Add custom, resizable text or add doodle overlays with a brush, this tool is perfect for removing watermark and logos from images you import from other Dropshiping apps.

Image Compression

You will be able to compress all your product images and select the compression quality, the app will tell you how by how much your images size will be reduced and you will be able to view the changes before applying them. This feature is great to improve your SEO image performance, it's comparable to many SEO image optimizer features but without any limits!

Bulk Images Upload

Upload more any number of photo and pictures with a simple interface

Bulk Images Delete

Delete more than one or all pictures and product photo at once

Photopea image editor

Our Pro plan include a powerful, Photoshop like image editor: Photopea, it have a wide range of feature that you can find in desktop editors like Photoshop or GIMP

SEO Image

This feature is great to improve your SEO image performance by changing your images alt text or images filename

Edit Blogs, Pages and Collections

Edit images in your blog articles or any other page in your store, you can also edit and change the feathered image in any collection



料金 14日間の無料体験

Free plan


  • Unlimited image editing
  • No usage credits or hidden fees
  • Chrome Extension integration

Pro plan


  • Unlimited image editing
  • Fast image change saving
  • Bulk image uploading, deleting and compression
  • Collections, Blog and Pages editing

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Super Joinha

Muito bom, essa app tenho me ajudado muito nas questão das img da minha loja, além de ser simples, é muito fácil para usar.

Tropical Leather

The App claims it enables improving SEO by changing images filenames. But there is no filename editing, inside the app it says that this option is "Coming soon" (!). Just wasted my time by installing and researching it.


I used this app to crop and resize images of my eshop. Very awesome app with amazing tools. Highly recommended!