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8. syyskuu 2023

Ethical Bedding.

Strongly recommend all shopify store owners to download and utilise this app, which in some way will offset the damage that we all do to the planet.

App is easy to set up and use, so there are no excuses! :)

Ethical Bedding
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7. syyskuu 2023

Awesome app, no no-brainer to use it. Two issues though are the inability to add metric measures on the website (all imperial) vs. the metric on the backend. Yes, the rest of the world minus 3 countries use metric. The other issue is the explainer page is so generic it is useless. Why not incorporate the site stats in it? See how much CO2 we saved type thing.

Hawkers Beer
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Shopify vastasi 11. syyskuu 2023

Thanks so much for the review and feedback. We really appreciate it. Point taken on the metric v imperial limitation -- having that be customizable is the end state we're going for and haven't reached yet. We also appreciate the feedback about the Impact Page, particularly with regard to your site-level stats. There are a few different ways to incorporate your site's stats -- you can add them to your badge so they're displayed and updated automatically, or manually add it to the explainer page (sourcing the data from your Planet dashboard). Manual isn't great, we know, and getting your dashboard or something like it on the explainer page would cut out this manual step. Getting your feedback on these things is super valuable for helping us prioritze what should come next. Thanks again!

Muokattu 24. marraskuu 2023

Hi, how do we find a report on what we have been billed? Thanks.

Forever Ring
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Shopify vastasi 25. elokuu 2023

Thanks so much for the feedback. We appreciate it. We know how important that visual consistency is. The new Planet badge, which launched in July 2023, automatically adapts to the colors and fonts of your store's theme, so you will be able to keep it consistent with your brand. Great call wanting to educate shoppers about the partners that you're funding. We'll add that. In the meantime, feel free to leverage the images and videos of select partners that you can find in the "Settings and Tools" section of the app.

30. marraskuu 2023

It's been 2 weeks and the app isn't working. Paid for the top-tier plan. Our site still has "0" on all of the badges and there is ZERO way to contact support.

Far past 48 hours. "Waiting for shipping data from your orders...
It can take up to 48 hours after receiving delivery information for your carbon footprint data to appear."

Hip Mommies. Carefully curated. Thoughtfully designed, responsibly made.
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2. helmikuu 2023

It's the least we can do.
I started using it as soon as I discovered it and the Real impact it has, sponsoring projects that mitigate the impact we have on Earth.

Breezy Tee
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Shopify vastasi 25. elokuu 2023

Thanks so much for the feedback. You're 100% right -- the companies funded through Planet are going to have a massive impact, and we're pumped that you and your buyers are part of that. Thanks again!

27. marraskuu 2022

I actually really love the idea of this, and we have offset over 8000 shipments so far. I definitely thing there should be more customisation of the page for the widget. as well as the ability to show how much has been offsetted in the storefront. (ie: X shipments offset this year/month/all time). Love it.

Dear Addison
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Shopify vastasi 12. joulukuu 2022

Hey hey! Thanks so much for the feedback. We really appreciate it.

You're right -- there should be more customization, including giving merchants the chance to show off their own contributions.

We're going to hit the ground running in 2023 and ship updates to enable this sort of customization. We'll definitely be reaching out to all Planet users as we ship these updates. In the meantime, thanks again!

Muokattu 21. syyskuu 2022

I added this app to both of my Shopify stores and the app looks out of place on my store and it isn't editable, yet. But I really like being carbon-neutral

Decking Perth
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Shopify vastasi 27. kesäkuu 2022

Thanks for sharing your experience - I'm sorry that Planet isn't meeting your needs yet. As mentioned, we'll keep this in mind for future iterations and hopefully you'll give Planet another try. - Brady, Sustainability @ Shopify

3. marraskuu 2022

Great idea - can there be a way to add a badge into the checkout/email confirmation pages? Thanks, looking forward to the explanation pages too!

The Vines
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14 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
Shopify vastasi 4. marraskuu 2022

Thanks for the feedback. We really appreciate it. The badge placement options will definitely expand in the coming months.

When it comes to email confirmation -- it's actually possible to add something about Planet right now. In you store admin, if you navigate to Settings > Notifications > Order confirmation, you'd be able to add a reference to Planet inside your order confirmation email. Soon we hope to ship some assets that you can publish on your store that you could link to.

Thanks again!

27. kesäkuu 2022

Love that we can buy carbon removal for all of our shipments with this app. Thank you Shopify for investing so much with the Sustainability Fund to make it possible for small companies like ours to have a positive impact. We haven't bought carbon credits because we know they have little to no real impact. This is the real solution we've been waiting for. As other reviews have mentioned it is true that the badge isn't very configurable (yet), as this app was just released. But really that's a minor issue compared to what this app enables for us as responsible corporate citizens. Thank you again Shopify!

Ora Cacao
14 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
Shopify vastasi 29. kesäkuu 2022

We're really happy that Planet connects merchants like yourselves to the solutions that these carbon removal companies are building, and very happy you feel this app is the solution you've been looking for. It's a work in progress! Thanks for sharing your experience. - Brady, Sustainability @ Shopify.

14. marraskuu 2022

Good idea! it would be nice if we could also manually purchase carbon removal credits. That way we could spread information about carbon by sharing it in the product descriptions all across our sales channels like Amazon handmade, etsy, ebay, faire, helloabound, poweredbypeople, wanello and other marketplaces we use. I think it would be nice to see "buy carbon removal credits" button in the Planet app

9 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
Shopify vastasi 18. marraskuu 2022

Thanks so much for the feedback. That's a really interesting idea to manually purchase credits. We'll discuss this and hopefully can bake it into our roadmap. We 100% want you to share your incredible impact anywhere and everywhere so we're always eager for ideas like this. Thanks again!