Plant Trees for Climate Action

Plant Trees for Climate Action

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Plant trees at checkout to support people & the planet.

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Supporting People & the Planet

Support community-led projects to plant trees in food-forest systems to increase food security & pull carbon out of the atmosphere.

Two Ways to Play

Donating $1 to plant a tree or cover the carbon footprint of shipping is a tangible way for customers to support sustainability initiatives!

Impact Tracking

Track the amount of trees planted and share your impact with your community.

Su Plant Trees for Climate Action

Climate Action is urgently needed and you and your customers can be a part of the solution. With the Plant Trees for Climate Action app, customers will get an option to add $1.00 to their order as a donation to Grow Ahead, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Oregon.

You can offer customers the option to add $1 to their order to plant a tree or cover the carbon footprint of shipping their package. Every dollar donated will plant a tree in a community-led project around the world.

People and the Planet

Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing the world today. In order to combat climate change we need strong, multi-faceted climate action. We see reforestation as one part of a much larger solution. Planting trees is one of the most readily available ways to pull carbon out of the atmosphere.

Grow Ahead supports community-led agroforestry projects, planting trees, cash crops (like coffee and cocoa) and food together in a food-forest system. By planting trees in agroforestry systems, farmers are restoring the water and nutrients to the soil, providing food and crops for their families and communities, and pulling carbon out of the atmosphere. People & the planet: that’s what we’re all about.

Community-led Projects

All of our projects are created, planned and implemented by the small-scale farmer organizations on the ground. We are able to work in this way by partnering with cooperatives that have strong track records and relationships with allied organizations and commercial partners. This foundation of trust with our community partners is essential when focusing on community-led initiatives.

Impact of $1

  • One dollar covers the average cost of the seedling, planting and monitoring of one fully grown tree which can include:
  • Cost of the installation of nurseries
  • Technical Assistance to run the reforestation project
  • Transportation of seedlings from nurseries to reforestation areas
  • Monitoring and evaluation of new plantings including the creation of community associations for conservation.
  • Community educational programs on the benefits and importance of reforestation for the environment and farmers

App Features

  • Customize the text and widget displayed on your Shopify site.
  • Customers can buy and donate at the same time without additional payments.
  • Customer (and Merchant is option selected) will receive the receipt of the donation in the form of email.
  • Choose to frame $1 donation as Carbon Responsible Shipping or Planting a Tree.
  • Track donations and trees planted on a monthly basis.

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Basic Plan


  • Single option for donation.
  • Ability to Track the donations year/month wise.
  • Customer will get the receipt of donation via email.

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