Theme Backup

Theme Backup

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Backup your liquid, simply

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Automatic Hourly Backups

Any changes to your published theme will be automatically saved every hour. You can also manually backup your theme any time.

Easily Track Theme Changes

Stay in control of your theme by tracking changes on your theme history timeline. You can even add a custom note to manual versions.

Simple One-Click Restores

Easily undo any problems that arise in your theme. Restore your shop to any past version of your published theme with one click.

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Revert theme accidents

Automatic theme backups every hour.

All theme changes are saved and you can undo theme problems.

Compare what changed in theme history

See what each different version contains with a visual theme diff.

Avoid theme problems by taking a manual backup

Take a manual backup to revert an accidentally broken theme when a developer makes changes or you install an app.

Instantly undo and restore a previous version to fix your store.

Restore Past Versions with One Click

Undo unwanted or problematic changes to your shop’s theme by restoring to a past version.

You can easily:

  • Fix theme problems
  • Reverse changes
  • Compare changes
  • Diagnose a broken theme

Simply scroll down your timeline, find the past backup that you would like to restore and press ‘Restore’.



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I've tried a BUNCH of apps for backing up themes, but they were all pretty much worthless. Yes, they backed up the data. But they way they were organized made it almost impossible to actually restore what you needed. For example, on one of them you had to actually know which files had been changed in order to restore. This app got it right! It groups the changes by the date/time they occurred. So you can easily see what was changed when. If you ever install apps to try them out and then later delete them, then you NEED this app. Why? Because many apps make changes to your theme files, but those don't get reverted when you uninstall the app. With this app you can easily see what was changed, and then revert those changes. Even a non-developer can do it. If you ever hire developers to customize your theme files, then you need this app. Why? Because if a developer messes up your site, this will let you undo their changes. Seriously, EVERY SHOPIFY STORE NEEDS THIS APP. And as a bonus, the support was great too. When I hit a snag, the developer jumped right on it and got it fixed. Thanks so much!


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Hi there, sorry that you got that message. I don't see any tickets from you so I've emailed you to find out what you were doing in the app when that appeared.

Hope to dig into it for you.



Super tool to have. I have had to use it a couple of times and each time the backup has been successful. Very excellent app