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12 mei 2023

Was about to install the app, but the app asks me to verify email adress based on an email i never recieve. Now I have unstalled the app. Doesnt seem very professional.

9 minuten gebruiken de app
Polar Analytics heeft geantwoord 16 mei 2023

David here, CEO of Polar. I'm very sorry to hear your first 10 minutes experience at Polar wasn’t stellar.

The sign-up error you encountered was because the verification email bounced - which explains why you didn’t receive the confirmation code.

We tried contacting you multiple times via Email and on Linkedin to resolve this but unfortunately, never heard back from you. We have created a new account for you that's already verified and invited you to it, so you can start your free trial of the app.

I value your feedback and frustration as it seems to be an important topic for you, and I really hope we can get you back on the right track. The whole Polar team would love to support Skechers in your data journey.

All the best,
Co-founder & CEO of Polar Analytics