Product Options + Testimonials

Product Options + Testimonials

AAAeCommerce Inc

Options on Products + Testimonial Form + Popup Form

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Product Option Field

Create unlimited number of additional Option fields on Product page. Customers can fill in the fields and it will be saved with Order.

Testimonial Form

Create Testimonial Slider and grid with a submission form. Manually add testimonials and showcase on store.

Custom Popup Form

Easily add a custom pop-up to your website in a few clicks. Save as a customer or Integrate with Mailchimp and Klaviyo.

Product Options + Testimonials 정보

3 in 1 APP - Product Option Field, Testimonial Form and Pop-Up Builder

It is a must have app for any Shopify store owner who wants an easy to use, effective, and inexpensive tool to add this important feature.

Product Option Field Features

  • Create an unlimited number of additional Product fields.
  • Customers can fill in the fields during Product detail page.
  • Display the fields on the front end and receive with the order.
  • Able to add an additional attribute from a variety of field types including Text field, text area, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Dropdown, Checkbox, Radio Button, File Upload and Text Display.
  • Create Multiple forms and specify in which collection or product tag which form should show.
  • Show different fields on different Products

Testimonial Form Features:

  • Testimonials is a great way to showcase customers trust on your products.
  • Create Testimonial Slider and grid with a submission form.
  • Manually add testimonials and showcase on the store.
  • Collect testimonials from customers from frontend form and show/hide them from admin easily.
  • Photo upload feature added in the app. Show Testimonials on your site using original photographs sent by customers.
  • Showcase Your Testimonials on your stores.

Custom Popup Form Features:

  • Easily add a custom pop-up to your website in a few clicks.
  • Create the exact pop-up fields with our easy to use Form builder.
  • Choose from a bunch of stunning pre-designed pop-up templates.
  • Save all Data in admin for each form and you can export in CSV
  • Save as a customer or Integrate with MailChimp and Klaviyo.
  • Remove or temporarily hide your pop-up at any time.
  • Looks great on desktop and mobile websites.
  • Easy to create from FORM BUILDER.

  • Our drag and drop form builder requires no programming knowledge. It requires only your imagination and a few clicks. Easily create a pop-up from scratch by using editor having Fields, Radio Button, File Upload and many other options.

Desktop and mobile pop-ups. All our popup forms are fully responsive and work fine on any device you use.


  • mailchimp,
  • klaviyo

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Exclusive Slides LLC

I use to live this app however the past month every image the customer has uploaded I can’t view it says 404 error. I contacted customer service and it seems they have a language barrier, they are not understanding what I’m saying so the problem is not fixed as of now. They keep saying when we go to your site we see the option to upload picture. Yes you can upload but on the back end of the store the image isn’t coming through. I gave them access to order so they can view my problem, I haven’t received a reply. I’m not satisfied with the customer service.


Mentiras, NO ES GRATIS. Te cobran los servicios. Instalé la app para ver si podría servirme pero inmediatamente me salieron como 3 popups de su publicidad... Si se publicitan como GRATIS que sea GRATIS. No usen publicidad engañosa...


Love it so far. I have tried so many apps, many with high monthly fees, but I actually like how this one shows on my product page. I design labels & printed materials and customers need to send me name/address/etc to print on their purchase. I wish this app would add the custom text to the cart so customers can review before submitting their order. Maybe this will be available in the future, but right now the custom fields were so easy to add to my products and they match my theme design perfectly (I didn't need to create special CSS). Yay, less work for me! The fact that it is free makes it all the more a great app!