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3 ottobre 2022

App is working well so far. UI is easy to use, liking the design of the upsells better than some of the competitors. No issues so far.

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20 maggio 2021

App seems easy enough to use. BUT: There is no internal confirmation email, or any other type of notification, when someone purchases a post sale through the app. SO if you auto print your orders as they come in, the upsell will not be on the order. So now you need to manually check everyday to see if there are any post sells? This leaves way too much room for human error. It is 2021 and i can not believe they can not send a simple email, or some other notification to any other of the thousands of app integrations out there (ie:SLACK), when an order has a post sell added to it. Especially considering with the $50/mo fee and a 1% royalty, this should be standard. Another issue is if you want to offer a few small add-ons, they do not show all at one time. They are in series. The flow is annoying this way and seems like a never ending upsell attempt to the customer. They should have a template to add multiple items on the same upsell page.

Advanced Metal Art
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2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
CartHook ha risposto 20 maggio 2021

Hi Advanced Metal Art! We are sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your experience with our app.

Our post-purchase offers are added to the initial order via Shopify's edit order API. This is how we can provide a 1-click purchase experience. Shopify has implemented what is called a fulfillment hold on post-purchase order items which, unfortunately, do not play well with auto-fulfillment. Their recommendation is to utilize manual fulfillment or a 3rd party fulfillment app as this is currently a limitation for all 1-click post-purchase offer apps.

Since the orders, email notifications, and fulfillment statuses are handled directly by Shopify, we definitely recommend reaching out to your rep to provide feedback. We are also in close touch with the Shopify product team on merchant feedback.

We do have plans to implement multiple-product offer pages in the future as well as provide more customization for when the 2nd offer in your funnel will display based on your shopper's actions.

We hope to work with you again in the future!

Data modifica: 9 febbraio 2022

This new carthook is terrible! Half the time is doesn't trigger and support is completely clueless why it doesn't. They don't even test it they simply review the set-up and say it's correct...yeah I know it's correct so why is it not triggers...ugh. Really really disappointed in carthook, the originally was pretty decent, this new one is almost not worth using. EDIT: The support team was not gathering any info, as I mentioned they didn't even test the funnel, which should have been the FIRST thing they do. Update: App still not working properly, has been weeks and support hasn't found a solution and doesn't seem at all concerned.

eFlow Nutrition
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2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
CartHook ha risposto 12 gennaio 2022

Hi eFlow Nutrition! We appreciate your feedback, and we apologize for the inconvenience. As our support team communicated, we were digging in deeper with our tech team to make sure your funnel was set up and triggering properly, and it looks like a caching issue was to blame. Thanks for your patience and understanding. We look forward to supporting you further as you continue to add new post-purchase revenue to your store!

-Team CartHook

Data modifica: 17 febbraio 2021

This app def is slow and the design options are pretty bad for building brand trust. They really need to invest in having 5 solid templates for us to pick from that are done well. Also, the app doesn't work with Recharge subscriptions (which other upsells like Zipify do offer– I've seen it in action). On a PLUS, it has increased my average order, which is nice. Yet I prob won't be staying around much longer if they don't start working on the issues I described above.

Simple Green Smoothies Official Store
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4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
CartHook ha risposto 17 febbraio 2021

Hi Simple Green Smoothies, thank you for the review and glad to hear your AOV has increased with the use of our app!

Great news, we have some really great offer editor updates coming up in our next release. The good thing about our post-purchase offers is they automatically inherit your store's theme and styling so they fit in seamlessly with your checkout flow.

As for subscriptions, this is currently a limitation for all one-click post-purchase offer apps since all payment processing is handled via Shopify. They've assured us they are working on a resolution soon.

Please feel free to reach out to us via in-app chat or at if you need anything at all!

3 febbraio 2022

The new carthoook is an absolute disaster! The functionality is extremely limiting and the new change took my AOV from 130 to 100-110 per day. Carthook if you are reading this, you need to allow users to customize their upsells according to both mobile and desktop. The new carthook limits us to only 2 offers which is devastating. I used to have a 50+% take rate on several offers and now it is all sub 15%. The new carthook doesn't allow any customization. We can't even change the font color. We can't customize the page to be aesthetic. Please fix these changes carthook and I'll adjust this review

Inno Supps
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30 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
CartHook ha risposto 3 febbraio 2022

Hi Inno Supps, thanks for the feedback!

I see that you have already been in contact with our support team. There are a few limitations in place due to our new app utilizing Shopify's post-purchase extension.

We have been working closely with the Shopify team to provide feedback and request additional design functionality. We also recommend reaching out to your Shopify rep directly to provide feedback on the post-purchase extension design limitations.

We assure you we are working to get more functionality built out by the Shopify team and appreciate the feedback.

Offers inherit a number of the styles from your store that aren't evident in the Offer Editor. Visit our help center for a breakdown of applicable settings inherited by each offer page. You can see how they'll look in action by placing a test order.

Also, our blog gives some fantastic tips on how you can level up your post-purchase offer designs!

23 febbraio 2022

Awful app. Worse service. App doesn't serve up offers for between 30-50% of sales. When it does, it often serves up the wrong offer. Customer service simply rebuffs any complaints denying the reality that offers aren't being served. This appears to be a growing problem with the app. My worst experience with an app on Shopify in 5 years. I would absolutely stay away. On top of it, reporting is garbage.

Little Hometown
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29 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
CartHook ha risposto 23 febbraio 2022

Hi there, thanks for your feedback!

I see our support team already replied after investigating the issues reported. We are sorry to see you go but glad to see you were generating a 10x ROI with our app while using it.

9 febbraio 2021

I mean it does the job. It makes post-purchase upsell extremely easy. The only problem is it makes it too easy for customers. Almost every single customer that purchased the upsell sent us an email asking if we could give them a refund because they accidentally added it. This happened all but 2 times.

Born Again Outfitters
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Circa un mese di utilizzo dell’app
CartHook ha risposto 9 febbraio 2021

Hi and thank you for your feedback!

Here at CartHook, one of our main focuses is ensuring a delightful shopper journey, so we'd love to hear more about your particular experience and see where your offers can be optimized.

Please feel free to reach out to us via in-app chat or at if you would like to discuss.

17 novembre 2020

This app used to be so much better. I think Shopify made them change it all up and now it really sucks. We're not getting any conversions on our post purchase upsells anymore. I wish we could have access to the old version as we were one of the first customers.

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20 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
CartHook ha risposto 19 novembre 2020

I'm sorry to hear that you aren't having a great experience with our new app. I'd love to make it right and have our support team look into why you aren't seeing any conversions. If you're open to discussing this further, please reach out to us at We're here to help!

Data modifica: 26 febbraio 2021

I have been with Carthook in the past, and they have always had a very severe attitude problem when their app has a bug and doesn't work properly. In my most recent case, there was an issue with the custom tracking code. I reached out to them, and after 30 back-and-forth emails PLUS a rude and incompetent customer service, the CEO decided to revoke the account. PLUS, they also overbilled me, BANNED my account and refused to refund me. I have spent over 1,000 dollars on wasted ad spend, and will now proceed to opening a dispute with them. The current carthook version is a total joke too. The whole purpose of an upsell app is to make you more money. HOWEVER, due to the extremely slow load speed, the app will murder your conversions- Amazon has done a study to show that for every 1s longer an app takes to load, it will kill your conversion by about 10%. Carthook takes about 6s to load- 3s more than shopify's native checkout pages and that means you earn 30% less. This app will cost you more money than it can make you. All in, don't bother wasting your time giving this app a try.

7 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
23 agosto 2021

Excellent Shopify App -- Does a stellar job for the whole Post Purchase Offer process, from the configuration of the upsells all the way to the analytics. Setup couldn't be easier and a HUGE +1 on their customer service, basically unparalleled when it comes to Shopify Apps. Thank you CartHook team!

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Circa 6 ore di utilizzo dell’app
CartHook ha risposto 23 agosto 2021

Thank you, Mockingbird! We are so glad you find the app easy to use and our support team to be helpful.

We are delighted to have you on board!