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Data modifica: 26 febbraio 2021

I have been with Carthook in the past, and they have always had a very severe attitude problem when their app has a bug and doesn't work properly. In my most recent case, there was an issue with the custom tracking code. I reached out to them, and after 30 back-and-forth emails PLUS a rude and incompetent customer service, the CEO decided to revoke the account. PLUS, they also overbilled me, BANNED my account and refused to refund me. I have spent over 1,000 dollars on wasted ad spend, and will now proceed to opening a dispute with them. The current carthook version is a total joke too. The whole purpose of an upsell app is to make you more money. HOWEVER, due to the extremely slow load speed, the app will murder your conversions- Amazon has done a study to show that for every 1s longer an app takes to load, it will kill your conversion by about 10%. Carthook takes about 6s to load- 3s more than shopify's native checkout pages and that means you earn 30% less. This app will cost you more money than it can make you. All in, don't bother wasting your time giving this app a try.

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9 febbraio 2021

I mean it does the job. It makes post-purchase upsell extremely easy. The only problem is it makes it too easy for customers. Almost every single customer that purchased the upsell sent us an email asking if we could give them a refund because they accidentally added it. This happened all but 2 times.

Born Again Outfitters
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CartHook ha risposto 9 febbraio 2021

Hi and thank you for your feedback!

Here at CartHook, one of our main focuses is ensuring a delightful shopper journey, so we'd love to hear more about your particular experience and see where your offers can be optimized.

Please feel free to reach out to us via in-app chat or at if you would like to discuss.

13 gennaio 2021

Been using this app for about a month now and it is great. Just yesterday for example I had 11 total orders, 7 of them had a Post Purchase Upsell through CartHook, which is really amazing! Just one thing though, unlike Zipify OCU, this app does NOT automatically add a tag to the orders in Shopify. I have raised this to them a month ago and they said they were working on it, but still it hasn't been added as a function. It is very important as most third party fulfilment apps do not recognise the PPUpsells.

ZUODU Umbrella
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CartHook ha risposto 9 febbraio 2021

Hi! Thank you for the review. We greatly appreciate your feedback.

Since our Post Purchase Offers app utilizes order editing instead of creating a new order, Shopify recommends requesting your fulfillment app to use the "create_at_max" in the Orders API and add a time buffer to ensure any order created within X minutes is not fetched at their default sync interval. Our recommendation is to delay order syncing with 3rd party fulfillment apps by 30-60 minutes.

We are continuing to build out new functionality, so stay tuned! Feel free to also reach out to our support team for any additional questions or feedback. Thanks!

16 dicembre 2020

Great upsell app. Generated a lot of revenue for me. Looking forward to upgrades to help customize offers more

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CartHook ha risposto 17 dicembre 2020

Thank you for the five-star reply, VitalSleep! We're so thrilled to hear you're seeing great results with our app. Cheers to a successful 2021!

2 dicembre 2020

Carthook has increased our AOV by 24%. Every Shopify store should be using CH to increase AOV and LTV. Setting up a funnel takes 5 minutes and has easily been the most impactful change we've made to our Shopify store to drive revenue.

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CartHook ha risposto 7 dicembre 2020

Thank you for the five-star review! CartHook :hearts: Disco! We're so glad to hear you're seeing results! Here's to continued success and a great partnership!

26 novembre 2020

Would be great IF it supported multi currency and would allow you to add collections rather on a product by product basis

The Swift Fly Fishing Company
Nuova Zelanda
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CartHook ha risposto 2 dicembre 2020

Thank you for the review and your honesty. We hear you on multicurrency and collection support. We're hopeful Shopify will open up support for both features in early 2021. Let's keep in touch; we'd love to have you back!

23 novembre 2020

I like how simple it is use use. Since my makeup company started using it we have seen up sells every single day. Can't complain about that.

Hank & Henry
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CartHook ha risposto 24 novembre 2020

Thank you so much for the positive rating, Hank & Henry! We're happy that you're happy, and we're looking forward to continuing to skyrocket your store to the next level with post-purchase offers. We appreciate your support :-)

17 novembre 2020

This app used to be so much better. I think Shopify made them change it all up and now it really sucks. We're not getting any conversions on our post purchase upsells anymore. I wish we could have access to the old version as we were one of the first customers.

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CartHook ha risposto 19 novembre 2020

I'm sorry to hear that you aren't having a great experience with our new app. I'd love to make it right and have our support team look into why you aren't seeing any conversions. If you're open to discussing this further, please reach out to us at We're here to help!

4 novembre 2020

Just started using this, but I can see where this will be a SUPER profitable app. So excited to have this in time for BFCM!

Bark Party
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CartHook ha risposto 5 novembre 2020

We're happy to see that you're getting a 5-star experience at Bark Party! We can't wait to see you soar during BFCM!

2 novembre 2020

I'v been waiting for this app all my life. Can't wait to see the extra profits it brings me this holiday season.

sorta fancy
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CartHook ha risposto 3 novembre 2020

Thank you for the five-star review! The CartHook team is very excited to see your AOV skyrocket this BFCM! Cheers to a successful holiday :-)