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24 agosto 2021

It is free, and that is great, but it is not very useful without analytics tools. I would give 5 stars if a simple analytics tool showed a simple graphic with the total feedbacks. That would make it easier to understand what questions from the survey are chosen the most. Now you have to go after every feedback and read it. Otherwise, you can miss it, or you need to go through it every week. Very time consuming and messy. It could be avoided by the straightforward solution mentioned above. I promise to change my review once we have this tool!

Robocube Ltd
Regno Unito
Circa 2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app ha risposto 13 gennaio 2022

Thank you for your review!
We will surely add everything to our improvements list.

Data modifica: 11 giugno 2021

Although it is useful, it's not as user friendly as Zoho. The responses are not organized in an easy to read manner. Organizing responses in pie charts or line graphs would make it easier to read.

Wireless Place
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14 giorni di utilizzo dell’app ha risposto 12 gennaio 2022

Hi there!
Thank you for your feedback.
We are sorry parts of our app didn't meet your expectations.
This will definitely be added to our improvements list.