Facebook & Instagram AutoPostr

Facebook & Instagram AutoPostr

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Post Studio - Auto post your product to Twitter & social media

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Huge time saver!

Create, schedule and send as many posts as you want to social media pages, based on your selected collections. Product video maker now live!

Easy social media automation

No manual work, just press play and we will post products to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest (soon) + automatic discounts

Reach more customers daily

Showcase more products to your social media followers every day easily. Works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest coming soon.

À propos de Facebook & Instagram AutoPostr

Post Studio AutoPostr is an easy to use Instagram & social media auto-poster, like Hootsuite but for your store, which takes just two minutes to set up. If you want to automate publishing your offers and products to your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram feeds (Pinterest is coming soon) on a daily basis, your social media management is about to get much easier!

Ease of use

Connecting your social media accounts and setting up the system is a breeze. Before publishing the auto-post campaign, you will see a real-life preview of what the actual post would look like so you can approve it and have complete control over your social media feed.

Existing social media process

Are you working closely with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and still need to be able to send out posts manually? No worries! Post Studio does not interfere with your existing social media strategy. It integrates with your current process and simply lets you add scheduled product posts automatically to your social media feed.

Scheduling & posting options

  • You can schedule your posts at specific times during the day. For example, if you select “09:00,11:00”, a random product will be posted every day at 09:00 and at 11:00 hours.
  • You will need to choose a Facebook page as the sending destination.
  • You can add multiple collections from which random products are selected and posted.
  • You define the post template text, and you can set it with variables that are replaced with your product details as your posts are being sent out. Post Studio saves you lots of time and gives you the chance to work on other areas of your social media strategy.
  • Before approving each campaign, you’ll see a real-life preview of how your post will look like on your social media pages.

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  • Free daily posts! 🌟
  • 1 campaign
  • Instagram, Facebook & Twitter auto-posting
  • Video Maker 📹
  • Weekly deal campaign
  • Random post templates


$9.99 par mois

  • All free plan features
  • Up to 5 campaigns
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Automatic discounts
  • Custom branding


$19.99 par mois

  • All pro features
  • Unlimited campaigns

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4.9 de 5 étoiles

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The problem has been settled out quickly with the help of the customer service, thank you very very much


Lovely app. Does what it needs to customer service is great and is free hope to get some improved things in the future but overall great


I've been using this system for almost a year now, I've used others in the past, I tried to get support from the other software vendors and they just didn't listen to my pain points, i also run a software company for over 20 years and i can tell you this, these guys give first-class support and they truly listen to your concerns and take action, they don't mess around. They have a first-class RAD Team and excellent support if you go with anyone else you will be wasting a lot of your time, the system works like a fine-tuned BMW, you want the best then you better listen to me and go with Autoposter, and it's simple and is easy to use and understand, the interface is well designed for the end-user and integrates to FB very easily along with TW, and Instagram. Good Job Guys!