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26 januari 2024

App doesn't work, customer support the rudest I have ever dealt with, threatened me multiple times. Never been spoken to so rudely via customer service in all my life, from their support staff called Jasper. Couldn't use the app due to being sick. Contacted the support to cancel, and they left it running for months. Asked for a refund for the months and they refunded me for 1 month, saying they don't care about my situation etc. AVOID!!!!!

Sky Night Light
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Shoptigrator ApS heeft geantwoord 14 maart 2024

To any one reading this, the customer reached out after using the app for 6 months, and demanded a full refund.

I was threatened by the merchant in every email, with being reported to Shopify, Charge backs and a negative review. Extremely rude from the first email.

This review is just an attempt to pressure me, and is not truthful, I did not threat anyone.

I refunded the last month, but merchant was not satisfied with this.

30 september 2023

I was looking for a user friendly app that do not require a bunch of backend settings that will also link to printful. Was super excited when I saw that this app would connect however, so much backend programming is necessary. The preset designs when I just bottom line want the customer to be able to upload an image to a tshirt. They have one video that is supposed to show you but sketchy. Uninstalling.

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Shoptigrator ApS heeft geantwoord 2 oktober 2023

We do have a lot of videos explaining the app on our documentation site. That said you are right, I should make more tutorial videos of how to link fields and elements of the design together.

I took a look at your site and it looks like all you want to do, is let people upload an image on to a t-shirt. Sure this app can do it, but that would be like using a space shuttle when all you really need is a horse and carriage. For really simple stuff like this I would go with Gelato or Printfuls own apps to be honest.

This app is not for customers to drag and drop and "design" them selfs, it's intended for users to change inputs on your (or our templated) designs with their own text, map or image etc. to personalise your designs to their personal style.

This app has many advanced features like star maps, city maps and google places, custom fonts etc. that can be customised by the store owner. This also means there needs to be a separation between input fields and what you see on the design. Sure this makes it a bit more clunky to work with, but that's a price you will have to pay if you want advanced features and artistic freedom. To be honest most of my core users have a background in design or know their way around photoshop.

Thank you so much for taking your time to write me a one star review of my app within 4 hours of installation. I will make sure to make the documentation even better in the future.

26 november 2022

The App isn't working for me, I cant change the price, product variant and when Im creating one and updating to my shop I cant cutomize it.

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Shoptigrator ApS heeft geantwoord 27 november 2022

Hi VilleMontre, thank you so much for taking your time to write a review of my app. Sorry to hear that it's causing troubles. Please note that you can change the prices and variants for each design in the Products section of the app. This way the prices updates automatically on all relevant products inside Shopify :)