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24 februari 2024

Use this app! Best one ever!

Cardon Tools
10 maanden gebruiken de app
3 mei 2024

Very handy tool that saves a lot of time.

Verenigde Staten
9 minuten gebruiken de app
21 juni 2023

Excellent. It does exactly what it says on the can. This is a time saving app and quite powerful in its capabilities.

Verenigd Koninkrijk
Ongeveer 2 jaar gebruiken de app
30 juni 2023

This app is great bulk tag editor. beats a CSV any day. Thank you for such a great and free product! Fab!

UB2 | Urban Baby Bonnets
Verenigde Staten
8 maanden gebruiken de app
18 januari 2024

M'a permis de modifier en masse des tags, même ceux que je ne soupçonné pas ajoutés par des applications de test. Impeccable

3 maanden gebruiken de app
3 september 2016

Very easy to use and super useful, Highly recommended.

Meer dan 7 jaar gebruiken de app
9 maart 2014

Thank GOD for this app. The mere thought of having to go through my entire inventory to edit tags was distressing. This is just what I needed.

Ongeveer 7 jaar gebruiken de app
17 maart 2015

This just saved me about 20 hours of work. I needed to edit all my size tags to include US and European sizes, so that they show up in drop down filters, alongside UK sizes. I dreaded doing it by individual product page or on a CSV spreadsheet. This was really easy to use and the changes were implemented almost immediately.A big thank you to the Power Tools developers.
If you use tags in your store and you need to edit them in bulk - this app is a must have.

Airy Mary
Verenigd Koninkrijk
Meer dan 6 jaar gebruiken de app
8 oktober 2014

Does what it says. Useful app. :)

Late Rabbit
Meer dan 5 jaar gebruiken de app
14 juli 2015

This app is a saviour. Tagging is cumbersome, and performing large data consolidation and cleaning up the tags is momentous when your products are in the thousands.

This app sets the standard on how to perform bulk operations in Shopify and how to work with the tagging system intelligently.

Tag consolidation is easy. Tag clean up = easy.

Tasks that could require hours upon hours of manual data correction within the native Shopify interface can be done simply and easily with this tool.

Ongeveer 5 jaar gebruiken de app