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IMPORTANT! Stay as far away as possible from this scam!!!!!!!

We integrated the filter, but this altered the code on our theme. You will need a "free uninstall" from one of Power Tools developers.... Only problem is that they are non responsive!! They answer the chat until the point where they figure out that you wish to uninstall, after that there is dead silence! And they will keep charging you 15.99 USD every month.

I would give this 0 stars if it was possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE! A normal shopify "uninstall" will not remove the apps features!!

Vinkastellet ApS
Power Toolsが返信しました 2024年2月9日

We're genuinely sorry to hear about your experience and the frustrations you've encountered. We have been trying to contact you regarding the uninstallation of the app on your theme, as it appears our emails are not getting delivered to your inbox.

This work was completed for you on the 5th of February on a copy of your live theme - we do not change the live theme without confirmation from you beforehand, so as not to cause any changes visible to customers without your approval.

The app can be removed from your store to cancel the subscription, which will cancel any charges, please note that this is something that needs to be done by the store owner or admin as our access permissions do not include removing apps.

Please reach out to our support team via email at support@powertoolsapp.com, however given the issues we have had with email please try using the live chat feature at powertoolsapp.com. Our support team is always happy to help and resolve any issues you may have.


Now forced to close my shop for mistakes ruin two months of work by the programmer of this tools. Ruin all SEO and ALL tags I had used many many hours make - ping - pin - and optimize for best SEO.

Now I will have to close my shop thanks to the f..l. maybe they are more professional at Bigcommerce.

Ask specified what tags i needed for the filter and very simple but he did not manage to follow the instructions.

Brands Dropship Best Fashion Brands - Dropship
Power Toolsが返信しました 2020年11月25日

I see you have left 1 star reviews for a number of leading apps on Shopify. As we discussed many times, the app may make changes to your tags in order to enable optimal filtering. Our support team tried very hard to work with with you, but in the end I think it is best if you try another app or platform.


I am by no means a stupid person but the instructions on how to use this, well let's just say the Plain English guide was not followed. A lot can be done to make the explanations clearer.

I then decided to delete this and it stayed on my site, then i went in and deleted the code and had an error message on display now today, I find out that whole categories of product have been wiped out because the tags changed so i have potentially lost sales because of this app.

If you want to use it my advice would be DO NOT USE IT ON YOUR LIVE THEME unless you are willing to risk a monumental disaster to your store.

Oscar & Friends
Power Toolsが返信しました 2020年11月25日

Thanks for the review - we do take a backup of your theme and do our best to ensure that no data is lost. When you remove an app, it automatically disables all access, so we are unable to remove any theme changes, however if the app is re-added we do have a feature to remove any code. You can also contact our friendly staff at any time and we'd be happy to help!