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Data modifica: 23 giugno 2023

It was working fine but then the form is crashed and the supports isnot responding

At the start they were good but now,They'll just steal your money

***Here's my reply to your reply****:
-It's not internet provider issue as i have more than 30 customers who escalated this.
-You didn't inform me that you escalated the issue to your dev team.
-I asked for updates after 48 hours and your reply was (It's working fine for us !!!!).
-You asked me to remove my review in order to refund me!!!! .. i won't remove the review before receiving the refund

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POWR.io ha risposto 17 marzo 2023

Hi Lebsee,
I can see that we noticed and informed you about an eventual issue with your internet provider, not our app.
However we are very sad and surprised that within only 24hrs after escalating the issue to our engineers in order to check further into it, you believed that we had any bad intentions towards you.

Please note that here at POWR, trust, transparency and satisfaction are and will always remain our priority over anything else!
We sincerely apologize for any issue you've encountered during your experience with us, however in any way we will ever try to steal or charge you for a service that we do not offer.

We just canceled the investigation process about your internet connection, and also sent you a private email about the steps so we can issue you a refund.

We're grateful that you've chosen us to be part of your journey, and you can rest assured that we'll always be there for you anytime in case you need anything else!

23 settembre 2023

I have the pro version, but now i will delete the App. It needs 7-15 seconds until the lead form appears on the website. Which customer waits 15 seconds until it appears?

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POWR.io ha risposto 25 settembre 2023

Hi there!

So sorry to hear about your experience with the app.

Kindly contact us directly at support@powr.io detailing the e-mail address linked to your POWR account+weblink with live POWR plugin installed so that we can look into the issue for you.

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback&patience.

13 settembre 2022

The app provides an unusable service, why am I being prompted for this? Please cancel my charge! “What happened?
You've requested a page on a website (www.powr.io) that is on the Cloudflare network. Unfortunately, it is resolving to an IP address that is creating a conflict within Cloudflare's system.
What can I do?
If you are the owner of this website:
you should login to Cloudflare and change the DNS A records for www.powr.io to resolve to a different IP address.”

RAS di Hong Kong
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POWR.io ha risposto 14 settembre 2022

Hello Viviebike,

Please accept our sincerest apologies concerning the server issue you experienced. Please know the downtime you referenced in your review was not a result of our failure, but caused by our hosting provider, Heroku.

Their entire network went down for 6 hours, which in turn directly affected the entire POWR network.

There was nothing we could have done to prevent the interruption and we regret this happened to you. You can view detail about this issue here:

Data modifica: 7 ottobre 2020

The app was working perfectly fine for a long time. One day however, I noticed that I was missing more than thirty submissions. I went back and forth with several representatives who were staying in touch relatively well. At one point they told me that I had found a bug and that the issue had an estimated two week timeline for a fix. Are you kidding me? I am hosting events for hundreds of people. The data that was lost is critical to event coordinating efforts. When I politely asked for more assistance with retrieving the data, they stopped responding altogether. This is insane. Beware.

TRVRS Outdoors
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POWR.io ha risposto 7 ottobre 2020

Hi there,

We're truly sorry you've had a negative experience with our app and our customer support team.

We understand the importance of the submissions you have received on your POWr Form Builder Plus plugin.

Our team would be happy to take a look and assist you further. Feel free to contact us directly at support@powr.io so we can take another look.

5 novembre 2021

At the begining it looked great and that is why i paid the plan, because i needed a contact form where my clients could add their images for quotation. After using it a few months i found that i wasn't receiving messages thru it and decided to cancel my subscription because i had to restructure my budget, so i did it directly with them coz Shopify sends you there to cancel. Even so, they charged me through Shopify the following month. I had read in comments that they make charges even after canceling and I still ventured to try it, but the truth was that I was totally disappointed, apart from being difficult to use and not meeting expectations, they still charged me after canceling with a month in advance. Terrible App. If you need to stop paying just go to the panel in Shopify and unistall the app, that will save you the trouble as they won't answer the mails, that will save you from a new payment next month.

Todo En Detalle
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POWR.io ha risposto 5 novembre 2021

We're very sorry to hear about your experience with our app. Please reach out to our support team at support@powr.io and we'll be more than glad to help and answer all the questions that you may have. Looking forward to hearing from you!

30 ottobre 2020

This app is glitchy and has bugs. Can't edit forms we've made and customer support won't respond to emails.

Lacrosse Fanatic
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29 giugno 2020

We use this app, it gives problems from time to time but it was okay. Now they changed everything. I want to connect to app through my Shopify page, it does not allow me. It does not work at all.

TechCare Massager
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POWR.io ha risposto 29 giugno 2020

Hi there,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience! Please reach out to our support team at support@powr.io and we'll be more than glad to help and answer all the questions that you may have. Looking forward to hearing from you!

2 aprile 2019

I installed this app on 3 stores, and after the trial period, I went ahead and upgraded the plan in one of the stores. Instead, they charged me the upgrade in 2 stores out of the 3.
When contacted the customer service after 2 min it happened to tell them about the issue, they said they can't return the money they took with no permission, and they can only cancel future payments.
Since then a week past no reply

Shaka's Hawaii
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Quasi 4 anni di utilizzo dell’app
2 aprile 2019


I installed this app on 3 of my Shopify stores. When the trial period ended, I decided to upgrade the plan on one of the stores. What happend is they charged me on 2 of them.
When noticed, same Min I contacted customer service which said they can't do anything and I won't get my payment back. I literally told them the story less than 1 min after it happened.

They are scammers, with terrible customer service.
Stay away

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25 maggio 2019

Form building is not the easiest but it does give options. Some other apps do have better ready-to-use forms.
On top of it didn't have the best experience with app charges. Had started using the app for the free version but all of a sudden got charged for the Pro version for an entire year and didn't know about it till got to see the bank statement.Didnt even receive an email for this charge or a heads up.
Upon bringing this issue to their team they informed that the policy doesnt allow refund since i missed the 5 days window.

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