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POWR Facebook + Pinterest Feed

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Make a Facebook Feed, Facebook Product Feed or Pinterest Feed

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Grow FB or Pinterest Followers

Grow your social media following with a custom Facebook Feed or Pinterest Feed. Great for adding social proof & testimonials to your site!

Keep Facebook Feed Fresh

Set the update frequency of your Facebook Product Feed or Pinterest Feed so customers see your latest posts & keep them engaged on your site

Custom Facebook Product Feed

Make your Facebook Feed fit perfectly with the design of your site with image cropping, show/hide captions, borders, backgrounds and more!

Su POWR Facebook + Pinterest Feed

Avoid manually copying over the same content from social media onto your website. Facebook Feed | Pinterest Feed will automatically add any fresh content from your social media accounts directly to your site in a beautiful, customizable gallery!

Create a Facebook Product Feed to engage with your customers and create brand awareness. Get it up and running in minutes, no code required.

Impress your audience with these Facebook Feed | Pinterest Feed features:

  • Follow any public or business accounts for Facebook, or connect to your own personal feed.
  • Follow any public Pinterest board.
  • Combine images, videos and text - all in one responsive gallery.
  • Show/hide post text - or just display images!
  • Set your refresh rate - 12 hours, 3 hours or 20 minutes
  • Add social sharing buttons - visitors can share your Facebook posts right from your site.
  • Approve posts from Facebook or Pinterest before adding them to your site.
  • Add image hover effects to your Facebook Feed posts.
  • Get instant access to 50+ POWR apps.

Fast and Free Customer Support

If you have any questions or need help getting up and running, we’re here to help! Unlike most app providers we offer free support and our awesome support team are available 24 hours a day. You can also visit our Help Center for tips, support, and answers to common questions.

Getting Started with POWr Facebook Feed | Pinterest Feed:

Facebook Feed | Pinterest Feed is easy to install. Click on the ‘Add app’ button on this page to install the app. Create your Facebook or Pinterest Feed and add it to any page on your Shopify site.

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o $4.49/mese fatturato a $53.89 una volta all'anno

  • Remove POWR Branding

  • 12 Hour Updates

  • Follow 2 Accounts/Hashtags per Feed

  • Display 12 Posts per Account

  • Add Social Share Buttons



o $10.79/mese fatturato a $129.49 una volta all'anno

  • As Starter +

  • 3 Hour Updates

  • Follow 4 Accounts/Hashtags per Feed

  • Display 20 Posts per Account

  • Custom CSS+JS



o $71.99/mese fatturato a $863.89 una volta all'anno

  • As Pro +

  • 20 Min Updates

  • Follow 15 Accounts/Hashtags per Feed

  • Display 50 Posts per Account

  • + Free Business Upgrade for All 50 POWR Apps



  • 24 Hour Content Updates

  • Add 1 Account per Feed.

* Tutte le spese sono fatturate in USD. Le spese ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

3.3 stelle su 5

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La Ti Da Boutique

I tried this app. it did not work correctly. Powr charged me a fee of $35.92 for something I never even used. I will be disputing this on my credit card. Rip off.

Gamer Addiction

good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good


Not started to use yet, will update later!

Hope it could help me with my online store.

Looking forward to it!

thank you