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29 marzo 2023

After almost 8 months of use without problems, it has suddenly stopped working (500, Internal Server Error). Creating chaos in our store as many products no longer appear in pre-order and consequently being sold massively. There is no way to contact them and they do not answer the email sent to support. Is the fault permanent? Are you going to solve it?

Quasi 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 14 ottobre 2021

Downloaded the app and set up appeared to be very simple. However, it did not appear on my website. Update (10/14/21)
The feature started working on my products today. For some reason it takes a couple of days to work. I hope they fix this soon!

Perfect Peach Boutique, LLC
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2 febbraio 2022

App doesn’t actually function. The preorder button was displaying at first… but on all products. This lasted about an hour before it completely stopped being an option. Now even with the setting configured for specific products, there is no preorder button.

Tian Zevon
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29 novembre 2020

Your Pre-Order Alpha app system slow speed applying on my products. You need is more update speed it’s app system in.

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Cosmek Labs ha risposto 30 novembre 2020

Hello! and sorry for the slow speeds you experienced. We will take a look and make sure to improve our performance. Thank you for trying out our app! 🙏

22 aprile 2021

I downloaded this app yesterday. since then we have been struggling. we told them that pre order is randomly showing on more products rather then only on the one we have tagged. also it is jumpy and the placement of product has become off after using it. their support is very slow and still not resolved. will be removing it and using some other would suggest you to stay away from this. it has too many bugs and too less support. not worth impacting your sales.

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Cosmek Labs ha risposto 22 aprile 2021

Hi there, and thank you for your feedback. We apologize for not getting to support you in good timing. We will be sure to take your review to the team and do what we can to improve our support and and system stability in the future.

Thank you for trying Pre-Order Alpha, and please don't hesitate to reach out if there is any way we can help in the future.

19 agosto 2021

Doesn't work and slowed website down. It's a shame as would of been a good app for the website, Will have to keep looking.
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Cosmek Labs ha risposto 19 agosto 2021

Apologies for the issues you faced. For some themes there is some customization required and a support email would have gotten your shop working perfectly within 24hrs. However, we do admit that we could do a better job of making that obvious.
Thanks for giving us a try!