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17 luglio 2021

Can only 3 products be set? Some are not effective, there is no Pre-order icon, and there is no replace button. The scary thing is that I have changed the Pre-Order Info, and the customer feedback text is still not updated. If I can solve these confusions, I prefer to pay.

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Cosmek Labs ha risposto 17 luglio 2021

Hello! All these issues can be fixed by properly configuring your settings. Please send an email to our support team and we will be standing by to help you:
We should be able to resolve this today

27 maggio 2022

Support page doesn't work. poor service and the customer rep was very rude but the app is okay, just didn't work how i would like it to

The Style Guide TT
Trinidad e Tobago
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Cosmek Labs ha risposto 27 maggio 2022

Thanks for giving our app a try, and sorry we could not make it work for you. We'll be sure to improve whatever we can

17 ottobre 2021

The pre-order appeared perfectly on my page, but it makes the site hang and doesn't load well on Google Chrome, but ok in Safari. Unfortunately more people is using Chrome now than others. After remove, issue disappeared. Hopefully developer can look into this matter.

Pudu Ria Florist Trading Sdn Bhd
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