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5. kesäkuu 2024

This is a solid product that works for my made to order pieces, but still allows me to have my other products work as normal. I would recommend it.

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12. huhtikuu 2024

With a new preorder launching every week, our store really needed something simple and easy to replicate across many products, that still fit within the style of our storefront. PreOrder Now is exactly that, and has the potential for so much more. Technical support is quick and very helpful, and the app has so many user friendly features, we didn't have to reach out much at all to get going!

Sheet Happens
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21. huhtikuu 2024

Really appreciate this app to better manage pre-order and backorder to better match customer expectations. Made a few configuration updates to match our site and was ready to show. Been especially helpful as new business just getting started with two people still working out our design times and inventory management.

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6. huhtikuu 2024

Very easy to use, no code needed and i didn't expect as a free app to offer so many options. I am trying for 3 years to find an app that does exactly what I need. I would give 20 starts if I could.

Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
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26. huhtikuu 2024

The app works very well and has many functions. The app has an internal chat directly to the developer and they responded immediately and implemented my request within 10 minutes. I can recommend the app to everyone.

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25. toukokuu 2024

We love this app! Easy to use. Everything works fine - we haven't had a glitch since installation. It's feature-packed, and without the surprising "catch" or spammy prompts to upgrade.

Store with a Heart
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4. huhtikuu 2024

Very responsive help. And I didn't really need it, if I had only looked harder for what I was looking for.
I am just about to use for the first time, but it's easy to use and excited to try it.

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4. huhtikuu 2024

Perfect pre-order app for startups/small businesses. Easy to set up and it's free! Great support team, fast response and very helpful.

Simplifyd Body
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27. helmikuu 2024

I have tried other pre-order apps and none of them worked as seamlessly as this one. The process was easy to follow and allowed me to get our pre-order item up and running. It was also a simple update to change the pre-order date for the next run on the same product. I'm super happy and will continue using this happy for the foreseeable future.

Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop
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1. huhtikuu 2024

great app, literally so easy to use and helped me setup preorder in no time. support is excellent. tried several apps, nothing worked but this worked like a charm!

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