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Datum úprav: 8. prosinec 2020

you went from 5 to one star on the simple fact that it has taken me longer to get past this step than any other for this process. Please let me submit something. Anything

Merch Mountain
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Vývojář Website on Demand Studio, LLC odpověděl 8. prosinec 2020

Sean here with Pre Order Now.

Sounds like you had a difficult time submitting this review? I'm very sorry about that :( This is actually a Shopify hosted and run platform (the app store reviews area), so we have no control over it.

Would you like to try resubmitting the review here? Just click on it and you can update it any time. Let me know if it gives you any trouble this time? If so, I can report that to Shopify...

Thanks SO Much,

Sean, Vlad, and the Pre Order Now Team

22. srpen 2020

This app made a lot of mistake, customers were getting the wrong sizes in their cart. This was a nightmare ot fix.

Bravo Actual Supplements
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Vývojář Website on Demand Studio, LLC odpověděl 25. srpen 2020

Hello! This is Sean, the Operations Guru with Pre Order Now.

Thanks for this review and for letting us know... Im SO SORRY that your customers were getting wrong sizes in their cart - that's terrible!

Please understand that when an app like ours is malfunctioning, it is 90% of the time because some kind of code on your unique theme is conflicting with how our app works.

We CAN FIX that. We do need collaborator access to your store to fix it though, because we need to dig deeper into the code on your store's theme to fix whatever is causing the issue.

Can you approve our collaborator request? That's the only way we can fix this.

Thanks - we REALLY want to get this right for you, ASAP. Here to help...

Sean H & The Pre Order Now Support Team

14. duben 2022

I had downloaded this app for my Turbo theme with no issues. I then purchased a new theme that is widely used and it Bricked my new theme from Out of the Sandbox Flex 3.0. I've spent countless hours and days trying to figure out the culprit along with the theme creator and 5 different app companies. It was finally pin pointed to be this app causing my site to crash. Even though I didn't install this app on my new theme, the app still injected it's code into my theme and was causing major issues with my site. I had to have a coder show me where the code was and manually delete the code. This company should be paying me for all my time wasted to solve their coding errors and making matters worse that I didn't even install it on my new theme but their app secretly places code on all your themes.

Fight The Flock
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Vývojář Website on Demand Studio, LLC odpověděl 15. duben 2022

Hello to our friends at Fight The Flock

Thank you very much for leaving us this feedback. This is Pushpesh, the Customer Success Manager with Pre‑order Now.

I want to extend my sincerest apologies for the negative experience that you had with the app on your new theme. Issues like these are rare with our app and we would have definitely been able to help you if you reached out to us.

We do offer 24-hr live chat support, Monday through Friday. Please reach out to us via the live chat feature in the app and we will reply to you within minutes to resolve any issues you might be facing.

We also love to offer complimentary live screen-share calls to all our valued clients where we can help resolve the issues. We work hard to make sure every merchant who uses our app has an A+ experience.

Pushpesh & the Pre‑order Now Support Team

13. srpen 2021

App is outdated and has too many bugs now. This use to be the best Pre-order app out there but many other apps have caught up and have more features for less price. It's unfortunate as we have been using this app for a year and tried to stick with them but they have been unable to fix our issues. They blame other apps for the bugs but we haven't added anything since the bugs started. Another frustrating issue is your settings get changed everytime you revisit the app. You have to change back all your settings. Super annoying and not efficient for any business. We were paying for the $30 a month subscription plus the $$$ emails and it wouldn't always work. We now have found a better app for only $10 a month and a lot more features on top of what this app had to offer. Changes need to be made asap.

Grotto Treasures
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Vývojář Website on Demand Studio, LLC odpověděl 13. srpen 2021

Hello friends at Grotto Treasures,

We deeply apologize for this. The competition right now is really rough and our team is always grinding to remain at the top. Since we are the best, still is, optimization, ease of use, and customer support are our main priority.

However, it appears that your account is under a legacy plan in which only premium merchants are granted with ALL FEATURES. Our current pricing model will provide you with all Preorder Now features on any paid plan. But you need to reinstall our app for it to work, along with the app being updated.

Furthermore, the reset/resync issue was already been resolved and we no longer receive that error since the fix. Especially for new installs having our most updated version.

Please note that we have an upcoming big feature in the pipeline ready to launch in a month or 2. This one is a huge one, specifically for you since you asked for it multiple times :)

We only hope the best for your store and we'll let you know once we got this new feature live. From there, maybe we can re-establish our 1-year partnership.

PS: We surely miss those adorable Tigger bags on preorder. Our team uses this product for debugging purposes in your store. And because it was so cute.

-- Chud and Preorder Now Support Team

Datum úprav: 16. květen 2022

I am temporarily adding a 1 star review until my issue is resolved. the Preorder button doesn't work on my block theme. I have given them access and they've un-installed it and reinstalled it and then billed me for the APP $39.99 even though I tried their 14 day trial. So far, I've lost complete trust in this APP. I've filed a formal complaint with Shopify as well as the app provider.

Naked Actives
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Datum úprav: 8. červenec 2022

Update July 8th, 2022 . Extremely frustrating. Don't know what is going on with this company - it is like they no longer care. Reported a problem 8 days ago ( notifications do not work) and they could not care less. I have spent hours in the past week repeating the same info to two different members of their customer service then it just gets forgotten about. They don't even bother responding now. In short - the new notification feature does not work and their customer service has become nonexistent with zero follow-up and zero communication with us about any progress. If we treated our customers like this we would be crucified by poor reviews. If you have a problem - dont expect to get much help. Review April 2022 Great App that just works without any trouble. Customer support are very quick,

TruBeef Organic
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Vývojář Website on Demand Studio, LLC odpověděl 24. únor 2022

Hello to our friends at TruBeef Organic

Thank you for leaving this thoughtful review! We appreciate you taking the time out to share this review with us and the community! We love having you as a customer and we are always here to help your Shopify store succeed!

Pushpesh & the Pre‑order Now Support Team

28. leden 2022

Absolutely no support. Had my products on pre-order and when I took them off pre-order, one did not change the CTA button back to "add to cart". It is still stuck on "pre-order now". I've reached out to support several times with no response. I even deleted the app and it still remains. There is no way for me to change back to "add to cart" and they refuse to help, even with Shopify opening a ticket. If you don't want your website code messed up, I do not recommend this app.

White Elm
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Vývojář Website on Demand Studio, LLC odpověděl 28. leden 2022

Hello to our friends from White Elm

Laura, Thank you very much for leaving us this feedback. This is Pushpesh, the Customer Success Manager with Pre‑order Now.

It seems that your emails are not reaching us. We have just received one email from you on 10th Jan which we promptly replied. I believe there is some issue with the email communication. Can you please provide us with your alternate email address on so that we can get this sorted ASAP? If you are open to trying our app again - I can have the best developers on our team work on your case to get you up and running in no time. We would love to have you on board again. But even if you decide against it - please let us know so that we can help you with the issues you have been having with the residual code as we believe it is not coming from our app.

Again, we are so sorry about what happened here (it is not normal with our app). We work SUPER hard to make sure every merchant who uses our app has an A+ experience.

Pushpesh & the Pre‑order Now Support Team

Datum úprav: 14. září 2020

It's been close to 1 week soon and we still haven't received a reply and the app is live not working as expected.

There are all sorts of bugs, sometimes the orders are being tagged with the pre-order tags and multi-line notes, sometimes they aren't.

We had to create a separate ticket for each particular issue and they seem that their devs are not working together.

After many days, we had to hire a 3rd party developer and paid already a few hundreds of $ to fix big issues while still waiting for their reply.

When we asked again, they said they send developer/collaborator request to get access. This after another member of their team requested and got access a week ago. So, I assume they haven't even bothered to check they already have access to the store.

Not sure what happened, maybe the worst time of the month for them, but we really really wanted this to work. That's why we invested already a few hundreds of $$ to make it work at the minimum and hope they can fix the remaining.

What is not working:
- the preorder message is still not listed on all product pages (one some yes, on others no) - this has been partially fixed by our dev
- the popup on the cart wasn't randomly displaying and once it was listed, you couldn't close (x/close button not working)
- the pre-order tags are still not applied to all orders with out of stock items
- certain items still do not show the out of stock note at the product level (some yes, some not)
- we still can't edit the content of the email that's being sent if a product is out of stock to the customers (only the subject line)

UPDATE to Sean: Hi Sean, I find that the following statement is 100% false:
'some themes which have been modified quite a bit do conflict with our app, and custom fixes have to be made by our team. But they CAN and ARE made if you let us know what is awry.'

Your devs haven't made any proactive recommendation or change to the website. None

I have provided collaboration access to your team from the beginning, and yesterday someone said they will send a collaboration request and if I can accept it. They haven't even checked that access has been already provided 1 week before. That makes me think your team haven't had the time to look over even once to our situation.
That makes the following statement also false:
'Works out-of-the-box—no complicated theme installation or coding required'
- it doesn't work out of the box and there is custom coding required

Another false statement:
'Enjoy super-fast customer support—even available on weekends!' - nobody bothers to reply after I was told they will look into it and there were no replies during the weekend.

Ninja Shark
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Vývojář Website on Demand Studio, LLC odpověděl 14. září 2020


This is Sean, the Customer Success Guru with Pre Order Now. I am very sorry to hear about this experience and the frustrations! That is not at all what we are going for here, and our support takes pride in its responsiveness and helpfulness.

I reviewed your 3 conversation email strings with us, and I show that we have responded and been trying to help at each turn... so I'm thinking maybe our responses might be going to your junk mail? We are waiting on a response from the last few messages we sent you, and were not aware that there were outstanding issues since we hadn't heard from you.

I am putting our best support member and our dev team on this to make double-sure that we are taking extra-good care of your requests and issues here... some themes which have been modified quite a bit do conflict with our app, and custom fixes have to be made by our team. But they CAN and ARE made if you let us know what is awry.

So I am emailing you now directly to make sure we are taking extra care of you here... please reply and we can be sure you are good to go...

Sean & The Pre Order Now Support Team

4. srpen 2020

BEWARE!!!! This app does not connect properly with shopify. We set up the pre-order button and it appeared to be fine for several days before the Pre-Order button disappeared and changed to "Add to Cart" making it appear that the product was in stock (since the app requires you to set the product to "continue selling when out of stock). Over 100 orders were placed before we noticed this and they offered NO solution to communicate with the customers that were not aware the item was backordered!!!! No help whatsoever! BEWARE of this app. It will not notify you if there is a glitch and upset A LOT of our customers. This is very damaging to our brand and we would NOT recommend this app.

Pepper + Vetiver
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9. leden 2022

I had many issues with the app. It doesn't work well with my theme. Customer service is extremely slow. I had problems with the badges so I emailed them for a solution. They said they were going to look into it but never heard back from them. I placed the request mid-Dec; also emailed them several times. No answer at all until mid-Jan. Bye.

Opus Haus
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Vývojář Website on Demand Studio, LLC odpověděl 10. leden 2022

Hello to our friends from Opus Haus!

I am very sorry to hear about the frustration here. We have been replying to each of your messages via email - is it possible that they are going to your junk box? We work very hard to respond quite quickly to all ticket issues, 7 days a week.

Did you receive our emails back? Please let me know - want to make 100% sure you are taken care of here.

Sean - PreOrder Now Success Manager