Hover Image Slider, Quick View

Hover Image Slider, Quick View


Product Image Preview Carousel, Change Image on Hover & Swipe

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Level-up Product Previews

Showcase more Product Images on Collection Page - add hover effect or Carousel with arrows - preview multiple product thumbnails.

Second Image on Hover & Slider

Help customers to browse collections faster with Preview Slider. Quick View reduces shopping time!

Quick View Images Carousel

Slideshow with arrows, Flip Image on Hover, Second Product Image Slider and other image Hover Effects.

Hover Image Slider, Quick View 정보



Try the new option: Show only Variant Images on Collection Page!


The App turns Product Preview Pictures (or Thumbnails) on a Collection Page into a Slider with multiple Product Images.

Now instead of viewing a single picture, your customers can quickly scroll through the Preview Slider without leaving a collection page.



  • Slideshow, Carousel and Slider for product previews on Collection Page
  • Add Arrows to change Preview Images
  • Preview only Variant Images
  • Show Second Image on Hover (swap second preview picture)
  • Quick View for Variants Images
  • Swipe support on mobile
  • Improve Collection Page engagement


Quick View Slider Configuration

There are 5 different modes you can select from.

○ "Hover Left and Right" mode (aka "Hover Image Slider")

Allows sliding through multiple product's images by moving a mouse pointer left and right over the image. Considered as a Quick View alternative.

○ "Click on Arrows" mode (aka "Carousel with Thumbnails")

Makes changing slides even more intuitive by showing arrows on the sides of a Preview Slider.

○ "Hover to Flip" mode (aka "Second image on hover" or "Back Image on Hover" or "Second Picture on Hover")

This is the classic Second Image Hover effect that changes a product's original image to the alternative image every time a user moves a mouse pointer over it.

○ "Move over Dots" mode

Changes Slider preview thumbnail only when a mouse pointer hovers a specific "dot". Like a classic slideshow controlled by a mouse click.

○ "Click on Dots" node

Is similar to the previous one but requires a click on a "dot" to trigger a change of the Slider for product preview.

All 5 modes behave in the same way for product preview on mobile: simply by swiping product image/thumbnail left or right. Hover Second Product Image and other Slider effects upgrade your theme to the next level.

You can configure the form, position and colour of the dots right from the Quick View Slider Settings page.


Quick View, Hover Image Slider installation process

The app installation is "One Click" - no coding required. When you add the app to your shop you can experiment with Quick View settings and preview changes before showing Slider to your customers.

Once you find the best setting for your store - click "Enable" to add hover image effect and start showing the product pictures carousel to your customers.

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  • All features included:
  • - Slider Type
  • - Bullets Colors & Appearance
  • - Arrows Colors & Appearance
  • - Limit slides number

Pro Discounted


  • Use the PRO plan at a discounted price
  • For "Trial" stores
  • For "Basic Shopify" stores
  • For "Pause and Build" stores



  • Test the App for free while on Development Shopify Plan

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Zany Mint

My first store, this was super easy to install. Took me seconds!
Works perfectly. Strongly recommend

Diva Ink Cosmetics

Amazing support. Reached out for assistance and received it immediately. When I say immediately I mean within a few minutes :). Thanks so much, Nikolay!

Kina & Tam

Amazing! Super easy to use and looks great on the website! Had a little problem with how the mobile was looking and customer service was able to fix it so quickly ! Thank you!