Bulk Price Editor/Price Change

Bulk Price Editor/Price Change

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Change prices in bulk

Easily change the price of any amount of products at once. Use advanced filters to target exactly which products you want to reprice.

Schedule changes for later

Optionally set price changes to be performed at a future date - no more last minute scrambling for your big sale!

Revert changes any time

Need to change prices back to what they were before? No problem! Products can be easily restored to their original prices.

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What is Bulk Price Editor/Price Change?

It's the perfect app for creating a BFCM sale!

Bulk Price Editor/Price Change is a Shopify App that can be used to easily change the price (and the compare at price shown with a strike through it) of many products at the same time. It gives you to ability to pick out a group of products and perform a price increase, price decrease, temporary sale, and much more.

Why should I use it?

Setting up discount codes and changing product prices by hand is tedious and time consuming. Bulk Price Editor/Price Change gives you a powerful toolset to automate these tasks and to spend more time on the important parts of running your business! Merchants love it because it saves them so much time!

How does it work?

The app allows you to run, schedule, and revert price change jobs. You can set jobs to change product prices using several different methods and can use filters to only change the prices of certain products.

What kinds of price changes can I do?

  • Increase/decrease by a percentage (eg 10% price increase or 5% price drop)
  • Increase/decrease by a flat amount (eg $2.00 price decrease)
  • Set the price to a certain amount (eg make prices of all t-shirts $25.00)
  • Remove/add compare at prices
  • Change the price by its unit cost (eg set prices to be twice your unit cost)

If you wanted to advertise a sale, for example, you could drop the price of all products by 10% and set the new compare at price to be the product's pre-sale price.

How can I set the price change job to only affect products that I want to target?

You can create filters using the following:

  • Product
  • Collection
  • Tag
  • Vendor
  • Product type

You can even combine filters. For example, you could target all products that are tagged as "Shoes" or tagged as "Footwear". Or you could create a filter that targets all products that are tagged as "Shoes" and have a vendor of "Burberry". The possibilities are endless!

Can I preview my changes before I run the price change job?

Yes! Bulk Price Editor/Price Change gives you a preview window that shows exactly which products will be affected and how their price will be changed.

Can I schedule my price change jobs for a future date?

Yes! You can select the exact time and date that the price change runs at, and if you want to revert the price to its original value at a later time, you can schedule that too!

Do I need to make any code changes to install the app?

Nope! The app installs automatically with a single click.

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4.1 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

Lotz of Deals

Love this app! Works great for our Deals of the Day!! :) Simply set your prices and dates and the rest is all automated!

Southern Draw Digital Designs

This app is amazing for me to quickly and easily put my site on sale. I offer two sales a week and I love that I can schedule my price changes ahead of time so everything runs smoothly without me being tied to my computer to change prices at the time of sale. A+++++

Risposta dello sviluppatore

23 settembre 2021

I'm super happy to hear that Bulk Price Changer + Scheduler has been helpful for you! 😀Thanks so much for leaving a review!!

Nicki Lynn Jewelry

I used to have someone manage my site and that person decided they didn't want to do anymore, so they just dropped me. When I had to figure out everything they were doing, I found that this app is one of the greatest for bulk price changing. I didn't realize at first what is was for, because I am not techy, I am a jewelry maker and just want to make pretty things. But, when I figured this app out, I was happy to know that I didn't have to waste time changing prices individually. I know you all are thinking I'm out of my mind, but not everyone knows techy stuff and I appreciated all of Chris's help when I had an issue with one of the "tags" that I was trying to run a sale from. Not only did he figure out the backend issue, he also provided me an alternative to grouping my items that I want to change prices for. So, if I could give this app and Chris in support 10 stars I would!! Nicki Lynn Jewelry

Risposta dello sviluppatore

8 settembre 2021

Thanks so much for the kind and thoughtful review! I'm very happy to hear that Bulk Price Changer + Scheduler has made managing you business easier for you!